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What is FT Knowledge?

Running a digital business comes with many conveniences. First, it allows you to reach wider audiences because online communication is quick and easy. Second, it lets you operate virtually anywhere you need to. The only resources you need are a steady internet connection, a reliable device, and the willpower to succeed.

But before you can run your business, you’ll need to properly get it set up. And the catch is always that most people aren’t too familiar with online creation tools. This usually is what pushes them to give up before they even start.

That’s what FT Knowledge wants to avoid. This site aims to provide you with all the help you need when using digital tools. It’s your go-to guide for all the things you need to successfully set up your online business.

What Resources Can I Find on FT Knowledge?

At FT Knowledge, you’ll find extensive single product reviews on the most popular online course platforms and learning management systems.

We also have articles that compare the similarities and differences between two digital products to help you discern which one is best for you. And if all that still isn’t enough, we give out worthy alternatives that you can check out as well. 

Long story short: We review various online business tools so that you won’t have to. FT Knowledge will make sure that you get to choose the right digital tool that’s perfect for your business.

About the Founder: Jack Morris

With six years of experience under his belt, Jack is well-versed in all things to do with setting up a digital business.

He first started out working for online course creators but slowly realized that not all of them deliver the same quality. His work with course creation, video editing, and audio mastery has given him the ability to instantly get a feel of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why he has now made it his goal to share his valuable expertise on digital business tools through FT Knowledge. He hopes to make online business owners’ experiences much easier than what he had to go through earlier on.

In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, wine-tasting, and walking his dog.


Nancy Martin

With more than just a couple of years experience in digital technology and teaching, Nancy is way more capable than teaching her grandparents on how to use the TV at home.

Combining her experience of teaching at a school as well as some part-time tutoring online, she has experienced quite the number of ups and downs when it comes to online classrooms.

Her passion for helping and teaching her students has driven her to help other educators adapt to this fast-paced world that we’re in.

Nancy Martin

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