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Can I Transfer Content From Thinkific to Kajabi?

Can I Transfer Content From Thinkific to Kajabi

Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi?

Yes. Kajabi welcomes ANYONE who originally came from another platform. You’ll have to take a free short course. Understand the lesson. And you’ll be able to import your works without problem. 

But hold on. Before all that, have you considered if this is the right approach for you?

If you’re having doubts like this, have no fear. We will also discuss this further down below.

So let’s start now, shall we?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

How to Transfer Content From Thinkific to Kajabi

How to Transfer Content From Thinkific to Kajabi

You’ve been considering transferring your works from Thinkific to Kajabi for a while now. And as much as it’s hard to look for the process, there’s actually a way to migrate to another course platform.

So to answer your main question again… Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi?

Yes, it is TOTALLY possible to transfer all your works from Thinkific to Kajabi.

You will have to BUILD your course content with the Website Builder and Kajabi Pages by hand.

There is a more detailed procedure to get full access to Kajabi. You can check it out here to know how to COMPLETELY migrate a course to Kajabi.

But then again, as we mentioned earlier… You are an active user of Thinkific — is it really the best move for you to migrate to Kajabi?

Well, let’s talk about the perks and drawbacks these two platforms possess. So you will be somewhere where you can actually market your business successfully.

What Is Thinkific?

What Is Thinkific-

Thinkific is a platform that permits users to create online courses for students or anybody who wants to start their own business.

We want to emphasize one thing…

Teachers are the ones who MOSTLY benefit from Thinkific.

However, several business leaders find the platform’s features a match to their marketing style. They are generally here to teach people how to gain income virtually.

You can start your journey as a course creator if you’re one of these people.

Why is Thinkific especially designed for these types of users?

Well, most of its core features are more into enhancing ALL the necessary marketing tools for promoting courses.

In short, it doesn’t offer many great things other than useful tools for teaching. You can’t create a powerful marketing funnel with Thinkific. It is basically poor when it comes to making effective sales.

Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi?

Sure, it’s possible. But you DON’T have to migrate if you’re not planning to take your marketing strategy to a whole different level.

Quick Overview of What You Can Do in Thinkific

  • Create an online course
  • Build and customize a site where you can deliver that course
  • Give out quizzes and exams with advanced settings
  • Video hosting via Wistia
  • Provide completion certificates to your students via Accredible
  • Set up a page that accepts payment plans preferred by your members

Despite the limited features, there are still MORE THAN 36,000-course creators who have access to Thinkific.

And what drives the continuous growth of subscribing members? Well, everything below will answer this question.

What We Like About Thinkific

Free Plan

Thinkific Pricing

What most people like in Thinkific is the free plan offer with no expiration. You can use this as long as you like.

Try out some tools, check out the interface, and test everything to see if they are to your liking. Deciding if you are going for it comes in second.

It sounds like a good deal if you ask us!

Here is the list of all their plans:

  • Free ($0/month)
  • Basic ($39/month)
  • Pro ($79/month)
  • Premier ($399/month)

You should take note that the Free package has only a FEW PERKS. There are only limited courses, no advanced customization, no live chat support, etc.

On the contrary, what’s nice about the Premier package is that almost every advanced feature is here. That includes an onboarding package.

Thinkfic welcomes you with their onboarding call and launches preparedness review, which includes ADDITIONAL TRAINING.

And to add, this platform also offers zero transaction fees on every plan.

More pricing details are on Thinkific’s website.

Customizable Website Builders

Another thing that also attracted many users is that Thinkific’s editor is EASY to navigate.

Like Kajabi, Thinkific also has a drag and drop feature which you can use to save time customizing a page.

There’s even a MORE ADVANCED feature. It actually lets you alter HTML and CSS code with full access.

Thinkific serves your online courses. But you can customize your domain and make it look like it’s actually YOURS!

Too bad, though. This is not included in the free package…

Effective Content Delivery

Thinkific also allows a user to add DIFFERENT types of content to your courses. This includes audio, video, text, various file types, and many more.

With a paid plan, you will be able to experience unlimited video hosting via Wistia. There is NO NEED to resort to a third-party video hosting platform here.

But the biggest advantage of Thinkific over Kajabi? It is their EXCELLENT power in managing exams and quizzes.

Thinkific can specifically…

  • Give out a randomized question bank
  • Display explanations after questions
  • Import all quizzes through the Microsoft Excel tool
  • You even have the ability to approve/deny the form sent by your student

And that’s not all!

Providing certifications to your students at the end of the course is also POSSIBLE here. You will have to thank Accredible for this.

There’s even no need to worry about paying extra. It is already included in your plan.

You ONLY have to worry about the additional expense if you are manually issuing certificates to your students.

What We Don’t Like About Thinkific

What We Don’t Like About Thinkific

No Automated Email Marketing

One drawback you will get from Thinkific is they have NO automated email marketing tools. You will have to use third-party e-marketing apps here, such as MailChimp and Aweber.

And this is a real pain in the neck for someone who wants everything to be in just one place. 

You can still do one thing in Thinkific: send out broadcast emails to your students all at once. However, it does NOT support autoresponders.

Unable to Build Sales Funnels

It is also NOT possible to create sales funnels in Thinkific. Once again, you will have to resort to third-party software like Clickfunnels and LeadPages.

You will have to go through all the trouble to get yourself potential members.

Unable to Create Blogs

Another huge disadvantage to using Thinkific is you can’t publish blogs here AT ALL. You will have to ask for the hands of WordPress or Squarespace to be your friend here.

So… Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi? Yes.

But should I do it? Well, yes, if you do not want to switch to different programs all the time.

Limited Use of the Content Editor

You have the freedom to customize your content however you want. There are a FEW default styles and templates you can use on the platform. But they are only BASICS.

To be specific, you can only use themes such as…

  • Empire
  • Vogue
  • Vision

In addition to that, there is ONLY a one-course player theme in Thinkific. And you can’t even modify the settings that much.

No Mobile Application

The last thing that we do not like about Thinkific is they don’t have a mobile application.

You can’t take courses, do homework, and connect with fellow students anytime and anywhere you want.

What Is Kajabi?

What Is Kajabi

Kajabi does the same thing Thinkific does. But only it is more of a multipurpose online course platform rather than a site that only sells out knowledge.

Its core features are BEYOND level.

Quick Overview of What You Can Do in Kajabi

  • Market and sell your course
  • Create a variety of content (courses, blogs, upload videos via Wistia, etc.)
  • Utilize the automated email marketing tools
  • Fully customize your site with advanced settings (naming domain, modifying code, etc.)
  • Set up payment methods for your students on your site
  • Connect with an affiliate program

What We Like About Kajabi

Customizable Interface

One of the best things that we love about Kajabi is it has LOADS of themes you can use to create content. There are more than 10-course player themes you can try out.

And they are also HIGHLY customizable on top of that. You can hide or display any UI elements on your pages as you like. (TIP: Try adding something unique such as animations.)

There is also a drag and drop feature in Kajabi. It will be a piece of cake to edit your site.

Kajabi’s interface is NOT ONLY designed for regular students. It is also appealing to users who are seeking professional guide with business coaching programs.

Ability to Blog

So what else do you get in Kajabi?

Thinkific requires you to get plans from an outsider platform just for blogging. But in Kajabi, you do not need such a thing at all!

There is a built-in blogging feature you can freely use without having to spend extra money.

Superb Marketing Tool Power

Superb Marketing Tool Power

You don’t have to individually ask your students for their contact information anymore.

It is possible to send out MULTIPLE automated emails to a user in Kajabi. And you can even set up a schedule when you want to distribute these emails.

And ever heard of the trigger feature?

You can make use of this if you are not in the mood to reply. You can just let the automated emailing sequence do its own job.

Kajabi also has this so-called Sales Pipeline Builder. It basically allows you to create a sales funnel to market your business better.

It has PRE-BUILT blueprints that provide you well laid-out steps in becoming successful in your business. 

Just choose the method that suits your envisioned plan. Kajabi will prepare EVERYTHING for you.

Though if you want to FULLY explore Kajabi… There is also an option where it will be up to you how you want to market all things you’ve arranged beforehand.

Should You Migrate From Thinkific to Kajabi?

Let’s go back to the Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi question.

Technically, you can, but you totally have to move IF you want to ATTRACT many potential clients before the year ends.

We mean, you must have already seen the capability of this platform by now. Kajabi is a great marketing instrument you can use to reach out to a diverse customer base.

Great Community

Users can also share their ideas in Kajabi’s Community feature.

This is a great way for learners to exchange thoughts and opinions with fellow users.

Unlike in other social media… Where you know, there’s a HIGH PROBABILITY you will be distracted by something funny such as memes.

Reliable Customer Support

A platform having a 24/7 active help center is a MUST for a user.

There will always be circumstances where you will need immediate assistance.

Imagine a given scenario where you are manually searching for their social media, messaging them, and awaiting an answer for an indefinite period.

Just picturing this makes you lose patience!

Well, you don’t have to through that with Kajabi. You can rely on their 24/7 priority support on their actual website. They are on standby in case you have something you are concerned about.

Kajabi is ready to assist you with ANY ISSUE — be it about your plans, the domain itself, or if you are just simply having a hard time navigating the platform.

Mobile Application

A mobile app has everything!

Do you want to receive push notifications if you got a new assignment? That’s not a problem in Kajabi.

What’s great about this platform is it lets a student sign on your site while on the move.

They can answer the form you handed in their own time. Or go through a business course while they are on vacation.

What We Don’t Like About Kajabi

What We Don’t Like About Kajabi

No Completion Certificates

This platform does not provide certifications, unlike Thinkific.  You HAVE to pay separately for Accredible if you want to offer one to a student.


All the best perks for a low price? Well, Kajabi says nope.

This platform is MORE expensive than Thinkific. Unlike the latter, there is NO FREE PLAN here.

Here is the list of their pricing:

  • Basic plan ($149/month)
  • Growth plan ($199/month)
  • Pro plan ($399/month)

The good news is all these plans do not charge transaction fees too. There is at least one thing that’s great about the pricing.

More pricing details are on Kajabi’s website.

Can I Use My Third-Party Website and Kajabi at the Same Time?

Can I Use My Third-Party Website and Kajabi at the Same Time-

We may have already answered your biggest question, “Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi?”. But some might still have a related concern.

So this is for those who are using a third-party platform (not Thinkific) and want to connect it to Kajabi.

You can connect an existing owned website to Kajabi Pages with a link. With this, you will be able to have people access your third-party homepage and your Kajabi landing pages simultaneously. 

And this is how you are going to do that.

Is It Worth Migrating to Kajabi?

Is It Worth Migrating to Kajabi-

To recall your biggest concern… Can I transfer content from Thinkific to Kajabi?


Just go through Kajabi’s short course to know the process. Use the 14-day free trial for zero expense. And you’re good to go.

Kajabi has more features than Thinkific. The former’s tools are actually HELPING your business reach out to more customers.

But is it necessary to move to Kajabi? Kajabi costs a LOT, right?

Well, to clear your mind, think of it like this — everything is up to your purpose. All the greatness Kajabi offers DON’T cancel out Thinkific.

The latter has its OWN charm.

So keep these things in mind should you make the transition to Kajabi…

  • You don’t have any other purposes other than teaching.
  • You have a limited budget.
  • You don’t need advanced features for creating a unique output.

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