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How to Drip Content on Kajabi: Engage Your Audience with Timed Release


Content dripping is a powerful technique that allows users to control how and when their learners gain access to course content. Rather than releasing all the content at once, content dripping allows users to space out the release schedule of their material in a way that keeps users engaged and prevents them from getting overwhelmed or bored. By offering course content in “doses” over a given period of time, content dripping increases the likelihood that users are able to fully absorb the material and decreases the chances of attrition.

Kajabi allows users to easily set up content dripping on their platform. With a few clicks, users can configure the drip schedule for their course content, allowing them to automatically release lessons, lectures, and modules according to the desired timeline. Additionally, Kajabi makes it easy to customize the drip schedule according to the user’s specific needs. For example, users can set a drip schedule for individual lessons or modules, and they can also set up “drip rules” that allow them to control the exact timing of certain pieces of content. Additionally, Kajabi supports the use of “drip tags,” which allow users to group content into different categories and control the timing of each group of content separately.


Understanding Content Dripping in Kajabi

What is content dripping?

Content dripping is the process of releasing content to users in a timed manner, allowing you to strategically control the consumption of your content. With content dripping, instead of giving your users access to all the content at once, you can choose to release it in a more structured and controlled way. This can have multiple benefits, such as increasing engagement, providing a steady flow of content for users, and giving you more flexibility to customize the way your content is delivered. 

Importance of strategically releasing content over time

Content dripping is an effective way to engage and retain users. By providing them with steady and timed access to content, users tend to stay more engaged and attentive to your content. Additionally, content dripping allows you to keep users on the edge of their seat, as they will be anticipating new content releases and eager to consume the content as it is released. Content dripping can also be a great way to keep users hooked by giving them something to look forward to. Finally, content dripping is also a great way to create a sense of scarcity and urgency around your content, as users are aware that the content will not be available for an indefinite period of time, motivating them to take action before the content is gone.

Setting Up Content Dripping in Kajabi

Organizing your content into sections and lessons

When it comes to setting up content dripping in Kajabi, the first step is to organize your content into sections and lessons. This structure will make it easy to enable content dripping and will ensure that your content is released to students in the correct order. When setting up sections and lessons, I recommend using descriptive titles and labels to make the content easier to identify, and I also suggest adding additional materials and resources to further engage your students.

Accessing the Product Settings in Kajabi

Once you have organized your content, the next step is to access the product settings in Kajabi. To do this, navigate to the Products tab on your Kajabi dashboard, and select the specific product that you wish to set up content dripping for. Then, click on the Settings tab, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Content Dripping Options.

Enabling content dripping options

Once in the Content Dripping Options, check the box that says “Enable content dripping” to enable the feature. This will allow you to set specific release dates and intervals for each section and lesson. You can also choose to make the content accessible immediately or to require students to complete a lesson before they can move on to the next.

Setting specific release dates and intervals for content

Finally, you can set specific release dates and intervals for each section and lesson by selecting the “Release sections dripped over time” option. This will allow you to set a start date and custom release intervals for each lesson or section. Additionally, you can choose to set different release intervals for individual lessons, allowing you to customize the content-releasing schedule to best suit your needs.

By following these steps, you can easily set up content dripping in Kajabi and create an engaging experience for your students. With content dripping, you can create a more immersive learning environment and keep your students motivated and engaged with your content.

Content-Dripping Strategies and Best Practices

Planning your content release schedule

When it comes to content dripping, it is essential to plan your content release schedule carefully. Consider the amount of time that your members will need to complete each lesson or module, and create a schedule that allows them to proceed through the course at a comfortable pace. Additionally, think about the type of content you are delivering and how many lessons or modules you should release at once. For example, if the course is focused on a specific skill or topic, it may be best to release lessons in short bursts, as this will be easier for your students to digest.

Balancing engagement and pacing

When setting a content release schedule, it is important to balance engagement and pacing. While it is important to keep your members engaged with your course, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much content at once. Conversely, if you release content too slowly, your members may lose motivation and fail to complete the course. Take the time to experiment with different pacing strategies to find the best solution for your members.

Tailoring content delivery to audience needs

Finally, when deciding on a content release schedule, consider the specific needs and learning preferences of your audience. For instance, if some of your students are experienced learners, you may want to offer them the option to complete the course at a faster pace. On the other hand, if you have beginners in your course, you may want to focus on providing them with more practice and support. By understanding the needs of your audience and tailoring the content delivery to those needs, you can ensure that your members are receiving the best learning experience possible.

Communicating with Your Audience

Informing your audience about the content release schedule

When drip content is enabled on Kajabi, it is important to inform your audience about the content release schedule. This will help to ensure that your members remain engaged and excited for the upcoming content. To inform your audience about the schedule, you can use the built-in email notifications feature to send automated emails to your members as each lesson or module becomes available. You can also utilize Kajabi’s drip campaign feature to create a custom announcement campaign for your content release schedule.

Using email notifications and drip campaign features

Kajabi offers a range of features to help you communicate with your audience about the content release schedule. With the email notifications feature, you can set up automated emails to be sent to your members as each lesson or module becomes available. This will help ensure that your members stay informed about the content release schedule. The platform also offers a drip campaign feature that allows you to create a custom announcement campaign for your content release schedule. This can be used to inform your members of the upcoming content in a more engaging way.

Encouraging engagement and interaction during the content drip

In addition to informing your audience about the content release schedule, it is also important to encourage engagement and interaction with your members during the content drip. This can be done by offering incentives such as discounts, early access, or exclusive content. Additionally, you can use Kajabi’s built-in engagement features, such as live events, polls, and Q&As, to help keep your members engaged and interacting with the content.

Monitoring and Adjusting Content Drip

Tracking engagement and progress of your audience

Kajabi provides an effective way to track the engagement and progress of your audience. With the platform’s built-in analytics, you can gain valuable insights into how users are interacting with your content, from viewing rates to completion times. This allows you to easily identify areas of improvement and make necessary adjustments to ensure your content is engaging and effective.

Analyzing feedback and making necessary adjustments

In addition to tracking engagement, it is important to analyze any feedback you receive from your audience. Asking your students for their thoughts and opinions on the content and delivery can help you identify any areas that need improvement. By using this feedback to refine your content drip strategy, you can ensure that your content is engaging and delivering value to your students.

Extending or modifying content drip schedule as needed

Once you have tracked the engagement of your students and analyzed feedback, you may decide to extend or modify the content drip schedule to enhance its effectiveness. Kajabi provides an easy way to modify your content drip strategy, allowing you to customize the timing and flow of your content. This can not only help to keep your students engaged, but also give you the flexibility to adjust as needed.

Leveraging Additional Kajabi Features for Content Drip

Integrating quizzes, assessments, or assignments

Kajabi’s content drip feature can be leveraged to its fullest potential by incorporating quizzes, assessments, and assignments throughout the course. This allows students to test their knowledge and encourages active engagement with the course material. Within each lesson or module, I can easily add questions and answer choices, and assign points and grade levels to each question. This provides an effective way to track student progress and assess their understanding.

Incorporating interactive elements for enhanced learning experience

In addition to incorporating quizzes and assessments, Kajabi also allows me to add interactive elements throughout my course. For example, I can embed Google Forms into my course to gather student feedback or add polls to measure student opinions. By leveraging these features, I can create engaging and interactive learning experiences for my students and further enhance their engagement with the course content.

Troubleshooting and Common Challenges

Addressing potential issues with content dripping

When it comes to content dripping, there are a few potential challenges that users may encounter. For instance, if instructors have not properly configured the drip settings, their students may not be able to access the content on the schedule that they have set. Additionally, there may be issues with the users’ ability to access the content due to slow internet connections or outdated browsers. In order to address these issues, it is important to ensure that the settings are configured correctly and that the students have access to the resources necessary to view the content.

Handling technical difficulties and support resources

If users experience any technical difficulties when using Kajabi, there are a variety of support resources available. Kajabi offers both live chat and email support, as well as an extensive help center that contains information on how to use the platform. Additionally, the Kajabi community forums provide users with access to a variety of other experienced users who can provide helpful insights and advice on how to use the platform.


Content dripping is a powerful tool that can be used to engage and retain users by providing them with an interactive and progressive learning experience. By spacing out course content into smaller, more manageable parts, it becomes easier for users to digest and retain information while also creating a sense of anticipation that encourages them to come back for more. Implementing content dripping in Kajabi is relatively straightforward, as the platform provides a variety of features and customization options that make it easy to set up a content drip strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. 

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