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How to Download Kajabi Videos


Kajabi is a powerful online content creation and distribution platform that enables users to quickly create and launch digital courses, membership sites, and other online content. It also provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating engaging course content, managing payments, and tracking user performance. With its intuitive user interface and robust feature set, Kajabi has become the go-to platform for many educators and online entrepreneurs looking to take their content and monetization strategies to the next level.


Understanding Kajabi Videos

What are Kajabi Videos?

Kajabi videos are digital media files that are hosted on the Kajabi platform. They are used to create interactive content such as online classes, lectures, seminars, and more. Kajabi videos can include audio, video, and text content, making them a powerful tool for online course creators and entrepreneurs.

Types of Kajabi Videos

Kajabi supports a variety of different video formats, including MP4, WebM, and FAdditionally, Kajabi videos can be streamed via HD resolution, providing a high-quality viewing experience for your students. Kajabi also allows you to upload and download videos from outside sources, such as YouTube and Vimeo, giving you greater flexibility when creating courses.

Downloading Kajabi Videos

Legal considerations and permissions

It is important to keep in mind that downloading content from Kajabi is a violation of its terms of service. Therefore, it is important to always adhere to copyright laws and obtain permission from the content creator before downloading any content.

Method 1: Downloading videos with built-in Kajabi features

1. Step-by-step instructions:

Kajabi offers a built-in feature for downloading videos, which can be found within the “Videos” section of the platform. To access this feature, follow these steps:

• Go to your Kajabi Dashboard

• Click on the “Videos” tab

• Select the video you want to download

• Click on the “Download” button 

• Follow the on-screen instructions to save the video

Method 2: Using third-party tools or browser extensions

1. Recommended tools/extensions:

For users who want to explore additional methods for downloading Kajabi videos, a variety of third-party tools and browser extensions are available. Some of the most highly recommended tools and extensions that have been tested and approved by other Kajabi users include: 

• KeepVid

• Video Downloader Plus

• Video Downloader Professional

• ClipGrab


• Kastor

2. Step-by-step instructions:

Once you have selected a tool or extension, you will need to obtain a download link for the Kajabi video you wish to download. To do this, follow these steps:

• Go to the Kajabi video you want to download

• Right-click on the video and select “Copy video URL”

• Paste the URL into the tool or extension

• Follow the on-screen instructions to save the video

Method 3: Requesting downloads from the content creator or support

Another option for downloading Kajabi videos is to reach out to the content creator or support team and request a download. To do this, follow these steps:

• Contact the content creator or support team

• Request a download of the Kajabi video

• Follow any instructions they may provide to access the download

Best Practices and Additional Tips

Respect intellectual property rights.

When downloading videos, it is important to be aware of intellectual property rights and comply with the terms of service of the platform hosting the video. Failure to do so may result in legal repercussions, so it is important to make sure you have permission to download and use the content before proceeding.

Check the terms of service

It is also important to check the terms of service of the platform hosting the video to ensure you can download the video. As an experienced user of Kajabi, I know that the platform’s terms of service specifically list that sharing or downloading videos is not permitted, so it is important to consider this.

Consider offline access options within Kajabi

Although downloading videos stored in Kajabi itself is not allowed, Kajabi does offer the option of providing offline access to videos through its partner platforms. For instance, these platforms allow users to download videos for offline viewing on their mobile devices and other devices.

Keep videos organized and backed up

Once you have downloaded your videos, it is important to keep them organized and backed up in order to ensure they are safe and accessible. This can be done by creating a folder for the videos, storing the folder on an external hard drive or cloud storage service, and setting up a backup schedule. Doing this will help ensure you can access your videos when you need them.


In conclusion, downloading Kajabi videos is an easy process that just requires a few clicks. To download a video, begin by logging into the Kajabi Dashboard and navigating to the library where the video is stored. Once there, click the download button for the video you wish to download. Then, select the video format you would like to use and click “Download.” Lastly, the video will be saved to your computer and you can view and share it as needed. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to download and save any Kajabi video with ease.

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