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What Is My Kajabi API and API Secret?

What Is My Kajabi API and API Secret_

Kajabi is an online e-learning platform where you can host and take online courses!

It also allows you to connect with other apps for easier and more efficient work! But to do that, you may need what is called an API key.

It acts sort of like a BRIDGE between the third-party’s account and yours.

Here’s how you can find your Kajabi API.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What Exactly is an API?

What Exactly is an API-

An API (Application Program Interface) is software that allows communication between two parties or websites.

Each time you and another person exchange messages, or order food from a food delivery app, you unknowingly use an API.

On Kajabi, Your API Key and API Secret are numbers that may be asked of you from third-party apps or sites.

Your API key and API secrets are a series of randomly generated numbers and letters by Kajabi.

Where To Find My Kajabi API and API Secret?

Finding your Kajabi API keys only takes a few clicks!

First, click on your ACCOUNT NAME on the lower left corner.

Where To Find My Kajabi API and API Secret-

Then select ACCOUNT.

Where To Find My Kajabi API and API Secret- 2

It is on this ACCOUNT PAGE where you will find your API credentials. Scroll down until you see API Key and API Secret.

Where To Find My Kajabi API and API Secret- 3

If a third-party app requires these numbers, simply click COPY, and it will be automatically copied!

What Are Other Uses Of An API?

What Are Other Uses Of An API-

APIs don’t just apply to Kajabi and other third-party websites.

APIs are what make CONNECTIONS with people around the world possible!

They are the reason we can book flights, go online shopping, video chat, and do a bunch of other things that allow us to stay connected.

Let’s get a little more specific.

Say, for example, you want to book a hotel room for vacation. You can go to that hotel’s website and book a room for a certain number of days.

After checking for availability, booking a reservation, and selecting your check-in and check-out dates, the hotel’s site will give you a price for it all. Thanks to API, there is a certain INTERACTION between you and the website.

It works similarly if you were using a hotel service website, like Trivago, which hosts multiple hotels worldwide. Trivago uses that specific hotel’s API and transfers various information about the hotel back to you!

There are even more practical uses for API, such as SECURITY purposes.

For example, you might have received a pop-up from Google or other apps asking you if it can use your location.

Or you are maybe using Facebook to easily and conveniently sign up for certain websites, as they ask permission to access your personal information, like your name, email address, and so on.

And in some cases, you might have refused.

Except it’s not Google or Facebook ITSELF who is asking, it is the API. 

In this case, the API is the SHIELD that protects information between you and Google or any other app that asks for access to your data. The API also gives a choice to deny permission to access information.

The API, in a way, acts like a MESSENGER, saying, “Hey, heads up. This specific website or app is asking for your personal information. Tell me what I should do so I can inform them.”

How Kajabi Uses an API

How Kajabi Uses an API

As mentioned earlier, Kajabi uses an API for other apps or third parties to interact with your kajabi account.

But Kajabi uses an API for other reasons that we might not always pay attention to!

API is why you can make a Kajabi account and take courses in the first place! There is an exchange of information between you, and the course instructor and API allow you two to INTERACT with each other somehow.

It is also why instructors can directly interact with their students and gain access to their work or projects!

Check out some of these Kajabi examples you can do.


API might seem insignificant since it seems like something we might have taken for granted or don’t think about.

But without it, the EASE of using technology for ANYTHING would not be possible!

There would be no wifi, hospitals, businesses, banks, or anything without API. We probably would be living primitive lifestyles if API did not make the whole world move the way it does!

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