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Exploring Fonts in Kajabi


As an experienced user of Kajabi, I am familiar with the platform’s font options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this article, I will provide an overview of the various font options available on Kajabi and explain how to use them to create visually appealing content. By the end of this article, you should have all the information you need to choose the right font for your Kajabi content and create beautiful designs.


Understanding Kajabi Fonts

Importance of fonts in branding and design

Fonts are an essential part of graphic design and branding, as they help to create a unique visual identity and set the tone for the message you are trying to convey. Using the right fonts can help you create an eye-catching product or website and in turn, create a strong connection with your customers. Furthermore, fonts can contribute to the overall accessibility of your website, as they can help to make your text more legible and easier to read. 

Available font options in Kajabi

Fortunately, Kajabi provides a vast range of fonts to choose from. From classic serif and sans serif fonts to modern fonts and more unique typefaces, Kajabi has a font for every style and purpose. Additionally, the platform makes it easy to customize different fonts and sizes, allowing you to create unique, eye-catching designs quickly and easily. As an experienced user of Kajabi, I have found the platform’s font library to be comprehensive and intuitive, making it a great tool to help me create stunning visuals.

Choosing and Customizing Fonts in Kajabi

Accessing the Fonts section in Kajabi:

Kajabi offers a wide range of font options located in the Design section of the platform. To access these fonts, log into your Kajabi account, click on the “Design” tab located in the left-hand menu, and select “Fonts.”

Exploring the font library:

The font library in Kajabi features a variety of fonts that you can use to customize the look and feel of your website. You can browse the library by font family, or use the search feature to find a specific font that you are looking for.

Selecting fonts for different elements:

In the Fonts section of Kajabi, you can select specific fonts for different elements of your website, such as header and titles, body text, and call-to-action buttons. To select a font, click on the specific element you wish to customize and then select the font family from the drop-down menu.

1. Header and titles:

For header and titles, you may want to select a font that is bold and eye-catching, such as a sans-serif font or a decorative script.

2. Body text:

For body text, you will want to select a font that is easy to read, such as a serif font.

3. Call-to-action buttons:

For call-to-action buttons, choose a font that stands out from the rest of the text, such as a bold sans-serif font.

Customizing font styles and sizes:

In the Fonts section of Kajabi, you can also customize the font styles and sizes for different elements.

1. Adjusting font weight and style:

To adjust the font weight and style, click on the element you wish to customize and select the desired font weight and style.

2. Changing font sizes and line heights:

To change the font size and line height, click on the element you wish to customize and select the desired size from the drop-down menu. You can also enter a custom value for font size and line height by typing it in the “Custom” field.

Best Practices for Font Usage in Kajabi

Consistency and brand identity

When it comes to font usage in Kajabi, it is important to consider consistency and brand identity. Choosing a consistent font for headings and body text will help create a unified look and feel for your website while also reinforcing your brand identity. Consider selecting a font family with variations such as bold, condensed, and extra bold that you can use to create impactful designs. Additionally, try to limit the number of fonts used to two or three, as having too many fonts can affect readability and detract from your website’s look.

Readability and legibility considerations

From my experience using Kajabi, readability and legibility are essential for creating an enjoyable user experience. When selecting fonts, pay attention to the size, spacing, and line length to ensure that your text is easily readable. Additionally, it is important to consider how the fonts will look on various devices and screen resolutions, as well as in different browsers. Choosing a font with strong legibility across devices will help ensure that your website looks its best regardless of the user’s device.

Using complementary fonts

To keep your website looking dynamic and engaging, it is important to use complementary fonts. When selecting fonts, look for fonts with contrasting weights and styles that will create visual interest without detracting from your content. For example, you could pair a bold font with a light typeface or a traditional serif font with a modern sans serif one.

Testing and previewing fonts across devices

After selecting fonts for your website, it is essential to test them out in order to ensure they look and perform as expected. Kajabi offers several tools for previewing fonts across devices, such as the font previewer and the device simulator. By utilizing these tools, you can ensure that the fonts you have selected look great on any device. Additionally, it is beneficial to test out the fonts on a live website to verify that the performance is satisfactory.

Advanced Font Customization in Kajabi

Uploading custom fonts

Kajabi makes it easy to upload custom fonts directly to your account. To upload a custom font, go to your dashboard, click on the “Design” tab, and then select “Fonts.” Here, you can upload a font file from your computer, and Kajabi will automatically generate the necessary code to apply the font to your website or page. Keep in mind that the font must be in .woff2 format in order to be uploaded.

Applying custom fonts to specific sections or pages

Once you have uploaded a custom font, you can use it to customize the fonts on specific sections or pages of your website. To apply a custom font to a specific page or section, go to the “Design” tab, select the page or section you want to customize, and then select the font you want to use. You can also use the font selection tool to apply the font to the entire website.


Summary of key points

Throughout this article, I have discussed the different types of fonts available in Kajabi and how to access them. I delved into the fonts available through the Kajabi Page Builder, explained how to embed custom fonts from outside sources, and explored the recommended fonts for optimal readability. As a comprehensive guide to Kajabi fonts, I hope this article has provided you with the necessary information to choose the right font for your content. 

Tips for selecting fonts

When selecting fonts for your Kajabi content, it is important to keep a few key points in mind. Firstly, choose fonts that are easy to read, as this will ensure that your content is accessible to all viewers. Additionally, it is helpful to use a combination of different fonts to create visual interest and make your content stand out. Finally, be sure to consider the purpose of your content and choose fonts that match the tone and aesthetic of your project.

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