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Kajabi vs Infusionsoft: What’s Better For Internet Business

Kajabi vs Infusionsoft

You’re looking to capture your customers and audiences better, and you stumble upon these two online business platforms: Kajabi and Infusionsoft.

At first glance, these two look pretty similar to each other. However, they’re a lot more different than you’d think.

Kajabi and Infusionsoft are both built to the advantage of entrepreneurs but for a target audience.

By the end of this article, you’ll definitely have a clue at which online system is better suited for you.

Let’s take a closer look at Kajabi vs Infusionsoft.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents



When it comes to being one of the best marketing tools for allowing your business to thrive online, Kajabi has your back.

Kajabi is great to use if you’re one for course creation, have products that you want to sell, or services to reach the right customers.

Kajabi has an array of features that will help you gain the upper hand in your web business.

These include but are not limited to features such as a landing page builder, aid in creating online lectures, the ability to make membership sites, and so much more.

In considering Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, you can consider Kajabi as a course platform that’ll help you create course platforms of your own.

By this, we mean that instead of hiring tech support to make your business/online course a website, you can make it yourself with Kajabi.

You get to create everything yourself to your own liking!

With the help of Kajabi, it’s a great way to gain the attention of a large audience while incorporating your styles into the online platform and showing them what you’re really about.

What We Love About Kajabi

What We Love About Kajabi

Of course, when trying to find out which is better regarding Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, we go through the pros and cons of both of them.

For now, we’ll be focusing on a feature list of what we love the most when it comes to working with Kajabi. Here is all the good stuff that’ll help you build your website when it comes to Kajabi.

1) Great Platform for Online Courses

Kajabi is a great platform for running and selling online courses with ease.

Kajabi is nicely integrated, which means that it doesn’t require you to use as many third-party sites to run your business smoothly.

Since you’re saved a few extra steps and programs, you can sell your online course products without having to pay for too many extra tools.

You’ll get to create features on Kajabi like a great membership site or an awesome landing page with its layout and design having the best for your online course at heart.

2) Beginner Friendly

You can build your website and online platform for your courses in no time with Kajabi.

Kajabi users don’t have to be tech-savvy and know to use Kajabi to their full liking and advantage. It doesn’t require prior programming knowledge for you to create your courses with it.

Not everyone who has excellent knowledge to share is all great at tech. That’s exactly what the creators of Kajabi had in mind when they made it.

In times like these, having an easy-to-use online platform makes it better for everyone to teach and learn.

This Kajabi characteristic is great for both those who want to teach and the students they will find along the way.

Plus, there are loads of video tutorials on Kajabi. They’re great for beginner users and serve as a great guide for content creation.

3) Ready Online Course and Membership Site Creator

Creating a site where the audience has access to various courses is a godsend. With the help of Kajabi, it’s easy to find the right audiences and students that you want to teach.

Since the products you offer are courses and information, the page builder of Kajabi makes for great marketing campaigns on their own. That’s why we love Kajabi as an online course creator.

It’s easy to copyright sources and share knowledge without worrying about the tedious steps of creating in an online setting.

Kajabi has a feature that will help you structure your courses so that your students can access all at once or slowly through a drip-feed over a period of time.

There are also options to create membership sites.

Kajabi ensures that these are for your exclusive products with particular payment options you’d want to direct toward exclusive consumers of your content.

This makes subscription and membership nice, consistent income. Plus, you get direct feedback and engagement for content creation from subscribers themselves.

4) Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

We know that creating sales pages for your business is the least of your worries regarding dragging tasks.

It’s managing email to email that’ll take up a lot of your time. We don’t like that either.

Don’t worry!

Kajabi will help you automate email sequences with ease instead of writing a different email for each client. These include the ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank you’ letters.

You can set the automation of marketing emails to send to specific clients and specific times.

This particular feature allows you to ​send incentive offers to increase sign-ups and up your purchases along the line.

Kajabi has a pipeline feature that allows you to make automated sales campaigns. This incorporates email marketing as well.

It also guides your customer from your landing page until your checkout page to ensure easy navigation on your website.

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t have to occupy yourself with such repetitive tasks in the system and focus on bettering your products. This is why we love this feature from Kajabi a lot.

5) Good Longer-Term Investment

Some may consider Kajabi as too pricey for their taste. What doesn’t bother us about this is that it’s a good investment for the long term.

Kajabi requires no transaction costs, and you pay for fewer tools.

Think of it as getting the one big one just one time, and then you can use it forever without having to worry about getting other tools along the way.

We love Kajabi as a long-term investment. It’s great for users looking to root their company or courses online for a long time.

What We Didn’t Like About Kajabi

What We Didn_t Like About Kajabi

This wouldn’t be a true Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft post without talking about some downsides. Here are some of the things we don’t exactly love about working with Kajabi.

  • There is no free option to use Kajabi.
  • Compared to other platforms for internet commerce, it is EXPENSIVE.
  • The product and course marketplace of Kajabi is quite limited when it comes to a wide selection of third-party applications.
  • The layout presets do not include a search option for the students, only a category filter.
  • There is no bank for pictures and videos, so you will need it ready on your computer or Google Drive if you’ll use the same media in more than one post.

You’d obviously want to make it easy for the users and consumers who’ll visit your site.

Kajabi excels in having a great help center or uploading posts and videos for your courses.

When talking about Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, the former DOES NOT have the best instant navigating systems.

So if something as essential as a search option for courses is vital to how you want to make your website, you might have to take time considering Kajabi as your page builder and platform.



Supporting businesses online is a primary function of Infusionsoft (or also now known as Keap).

Are you the one to appreciate great customer support, email marketing, making sales funnels and appointments easier, and even e-commerce functions for your business?

If your answer to all these is YES, Infusionsoft might be what you’re looking for.

When talking about Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, Infusionsoft has a range of features that help you build your website to attain better sales.

Though what they really focus on and succeed at is customer relationship management (CRM).

Businesses are only as good at building their relationship with their customers, and Infusionsoft is one to take that idea very seriously.

After setting up the website for your business, sales and marketing tools might as well take it from there. It’ll be easier to handle the marketing part thanks to the use of Infusionsoft.

You’ll be able to focus on building connections with previous leads and make new ones!

It’s a great way to make online platforms a huge advantage for your growing business because it’ll cater to how you want to run it.

What We Love About Infusionsoft

What We Love About Infusionsoft

Moving on to the other side of this Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, let’s talk about what we love about Infusionsoft, which has rebranded and now calls itself Keap.

Here are all the best features that you’ll need to be aware of when working with Infusionsoft. This is a list of all the best system advantages when it comes to being one of the many users of Infusionsoft.

1) Awesome Marketing Automation Suited for Small Businesses

Infusionsoft is an online platform best used for small enterprises with a large following and consumer base.

Additionally, more than 300 apps and integrations are readily available for use in the Infusionsoft marketplace. This allowed users to connect the platform large range of tools.

Another great thing about it is that it has universal tracking.

To put it into simpler words, you can track all the sales, buying habits, and purchases of every contact you have — all under one platform!

The question you’d want to answer with how your enterprise is going is: What are the most common products my consumers get from me, and what are their purchasing habits?

With the marketing features that Infusionsoft has, you will be able to capture data easily.

2) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It’s a common rule of thumb for a business to keep track of all the details regarding their consumers so that if any question or issue arises, they will be able to keep track of it.

One of the many reasons we like Infusionsoft is because it does the CRM feature.

CRM does all of the tedious work of listing down customer details such as names, contact details, addresses, and purchases automatically for you.

With the use of CRM, information can be divided by company or associates and sectors within companies.

You can see which pipeline level your consumers are on, thus easily following up on them and what products they pay more attention to.

The main benefit is that you have more data to amp up your marketing strategies, attract more consumers and help attain your current ones.

3) Marketing Emails Made Easier

There’s nothing we’d want more than an email builder tool that has templates for emails. Well, Infusionsoft has that!

When it comes to automated emails, the system allows you to make customizations and save your emails as a draft to work on later if you please.

The option to schedule and send email broadcasts is made possible and easy for you too. These include previews of how the emails will look.

We also appreciate the merge field option that automatically sends follow-ups to your contacts.

Along with email marketing, building your sales campaign is made easier with Infusionsoft’s campaign builder tool!

You can create a campaign sequence, which includes sending emails, prompts for audiences to move from landing page to promo pages, easy checkout processes, and the like.

4) Flexible Landing Page Builder and Layouts

When it comes to having an easily customizable landing page builder tool, Infusionsoft has that for you. Whether you’re on a laptop, iPad, iPhone, or PC, it’ll be easy to use and optimize to your liking.

When making landing pages, all you have to do is pick or make a section, and then next comes the main body. The rest is easy peasy.

In the landing pages or product pages with the main body, you can add rows and columns. This is where you input your content.

For landing pages, you can place icons, pictures, and videos to entice your audiences.

The same goes for product pages. The media there is to stimulate the consumers from buying.

Of course, we don’t want it to be too messy or disorganized. This is why the flexibility of the page builders makes it easy to make an attractive but organized site for your products.

You can also design your website and pages from scratch if you want!

Infusionsoft is great if you’re very hands-on when it comes to making your website a true reflection of your business.

5) Great Third-Party Benefits

When talking about a third party, it’s not just affiliate marketing made easier when working with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft provides a wide selection of third-party connections.

Platforms such as ThriveCart are great for e-commerce, while Leadpages are great for creating landing pages. When it comes to a trusted reporting tool, you have Graphly at your dispense.

These integrations that come with being a user of Infusionsoft will help you manage your sales better and even provide better customer support for your online enterprise.

Thanks to the vast Infusionsoft Marketplace, you’ll have over 300 app options to choose from, all to help you build your brand online.

What We Didn’t Like About Infusionsoft

What We Didn_t Like About Infusionsoft

Getting to the not-so-fun part of Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft is talking about their qualities that didn’t dazzle us.

Of course, we’d need this to find out which is better suited for our products in particular. So, let’s get to it.

  • Infusionsoft has an EXPENSIVE Kickstarter fee.
  • It has excessive software features that are not friendly for beginners.
  • If you’d like a premier theme for your site, you might not enjoy how do-it-yourself working with Infusionsoft is.
  • It has additional fees for non-native integrations.
  • Infusionsoft is a general and vague marketing software that MIGHT NOT attract those looking for industry-specific programs.

Although the help center and customer relations with Infusionsoft are amazing, working with this software might be a little too much for others.

We mean too much in the sense that a lot of the site-building on Keap is hands-on.

Even though most of the marketing is already automated, the design of your website rests a lot on your shoulders. So when considering Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, you might want to remember that.

Kajabi vs Infusionsoft: The Final Verdict

Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft- The Final Verdict

Finally! Now that we’re done listing all the best and not-so-great features of each software, we’re here.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for when it comes to which is better for your business: Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft.

Who Would Love Kajabi

From the get-go, we’re already mentioned that Kajabi is great if the products that you offer are courses and knowledge.

If you love to share your knowledge and create a course collection online, then you’d love Kajabi.

Kajabi is a GREAT system for video hosting and creating a community of students or trainees as your target audience.

Kajabi comes with a great professionally hosted environment, perfectly suited for an audience who relies on more than just an array of links to learn new things.

Posts or course videos are a lot more suited for students and audiences like that.

Users of Kajabi also value the membership sites that the platform offers. This is great if you have exclusive products only available to the consumers who are willing to take extra steps.

This is also great as it’s normally a sure way of monthly income. The more members you have subscribing to exclusive product access, the more it reflects on a growing enterprise.

You’d love Kajabi if you want your online platform to be fully automated in function, making it easy to use and access.

In Kajabi, assessments can come with your courses. NOT BAD!

Who Kajabi Isn’t For

You wouldn’t like to use or invest in Kajabi if you’re not a fan of one-time big-time purchases for your online entrepreneurial pursuits.

Because Kajabi really endorses being a business’s great all-in-one kind of platform, that’s what they’re all about.

Especially when it comes to the pricing and fees that you have to face before using it.

The software might not suit you if you like to do most things, if not everything, yourself when designing the website dedicated to your sales.

Since it’s new and user-friendly, it doesn’t require such a hands-on approach compared to other software, which might not be what you like.

Who Would Love Infusionsoft

You will greatly enjoy Infusionsoft if you’re one of awesome integration of different apps, as well as a very dedicated approach to customer support.

Since they have great CRM and sales pipeline management, many business owners are fans of their marketing features.

The tracking and consumer analysis features that Infusionsoft offers also attract it to have a lot of users.

If you’re more for building your sales campaign, then Infusionsoft might be what you want.

It is also a very keen program for email marketing, with well-practiced and well-tested features such as email broadcasting being one of their best.

Who Infusionsoft Isn’t For

Infusionsoft isn’t for you if you’re looking for a nice platform for your video hosting or crash course sharing. Kajabi excels better in these aspects.

If you’re also someone new in designing websites or even programming anything related to site-making, then this software might not be for you either.

That’s because using Infusionsoft is so much more advanced and is a big thing to learn.

When it comes to finding a fast solution to building your product brand online, this might not be it.

You’ll need a hands-on approach when working with Infusionsoft, which requires prior website-developing knowledge and will definitely take more time.

That’s probably why they have many app integrations since many users like building their sites from scratch. If you want it fast and easy, this might not be the choice for you.



Both Kajabi and Infusionsoft are amazing in terms of dealing a hand in integrating your online business.

When it comes down to picking a winner in Kajabi vs. Infusionsoft, it’s really all about what you’re looking for.

Kajabi is for you if:

  • You’d love a starter-friendly interface.
  • You want an easy-to-use page builder.
  • You optimize drip feeds and exclusive content a lot.
  • You enjoy membership pages as a major marketing strategy.
  • You don’t very heavily rely on other-app integrations.

Infusionsoft is for you if:

  • You value customer relationship management a lot.
  • You’re looking for lots of freedom for building pages.
  • You always use app integrations.
  • You rely a lot on email marketing.
  • You want to focus on building your sales campaign.

Whether you choose to use Kajabi or Infusionsoft, we hope you choose what is best for you as an entrepreneur.

Do note that whatever you choose, BOTH platforms will put you in good hands!

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Jack has worked on the video production, audio mastery, and physical coursework for over one-hundred popular online courses to date. He’s here to share his experiences with you, as well as show you what tools are worth your time, how to spot those that aren’t worth a penny, and above all else, how to keep yourself informed about how to navigate online course creation efficiently and effectively.