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Kajabi vs Leadpages: Which One’s For You?

Kajabi vs Leadpages_ Which One_s For You_

With the boom of digital and social networks, businesses have also transitioned their marketing strategies online.

If you’re someone who’s been meaning to create online courses or start digital marketing, then you’ve probably heard of Kajabi and Leadpages.

While these two platforms seem similar (well, they more or less are), they have distinct features that will be more beneficial for each type of business.

Let us help you determine which platform is suitable for you, shall we?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Kajabi vs Leadpages: Striking Similarities

Before we establish the main difference, we’d like to acknowledge they do have striking similarities – hence why we’re doing a versus post to dissect them both!

  • They are both digital marketing platforms.
  • They are both membership sites on a subscription basis.
  • They both excel in customer support and chat support.
  • They both have pre-made templates.
  • They both allow third-party integrations.
  • They’re both meant to help small business owners flourish online.
  • They both offer free trial programs (see their site samples below).

Kajabi vs Leadpages: The Main Differences

Their main difference is the scope of what their platforms can do.

Kajabi: Your All-Rounder Platform


Kajabi is more centralized with more complete features for your digital products. From marketing tools to actual integrations, they’re all doable on Kajabi. 

If you’re starting entrepreneurs, looking for course platforms, or are beginning course creation from scratch, then an all-in-one web page will be more helpful for you.

Compared to Leadpages, Kajabi rates will come at a higher price because of their completeness. But to be fair to Kajabi, the rates are not bad at all for what you’re getting.

Leadpages: Your Landing Page Builder


For some, though, they don’t need an elaborate website builder with several features.

Some businesses only need good landing pages to secure their sales funnels and get leads, so investing in a landing page creator is already MORE than enough.

Because of this “specialization” (if we may call it) with landing pages, Leadpages do come at lower rates since they do not have as many features as Kajabi.

The name of Leadpages in itself is already an obvious giveaway of what they do! They help your pages lead and sell.

Kajabi vs Leadpages: Dissecting Differences

Now that we’ve discussed their similarities and main distinctions, let’s dive deeper into their unique features!

Kajabi: All-in-One Platform

As soon as you open the Kajabi website, you’ll immediately see all of the tools and features they can offer you.

To reiterate, they basically have it all, and they help you collate what you have in a single place (which is the software or site you’re working with).


Kajabi Pricing

One crucial piece of information you’re probably looking for is the pricing.

It’s pretty decent, in our opinion. The price ranges from $119-$319 per month, with the $159 a month option being the most popular.

Though more expensive vs. Leadpages, you’ll also see it has multiple features that make the price worthy.

You can choose the billing between annually or monthly, and they have varying terms and capacities for each.

We suggest scrolling through the pricing plans directly on their website so you can get a clearer grasp!

Course Creation

Course Creation

Yes, you can create your online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, video hosting, and all of your digital services and products directly on Kajabi!

This is one of the control tools you CAN’T do on Leadpages.

Website and Web Page

Website and Web Page

You can already build your web pages on Kajabi – with landing page templates and guides also provided.

No need for an external platform, and you don’t need to start from scratch!

Analytics and Data

Analytics and Data

One of Kajabi’s impressive capabilities is its provision of data and email analytics.

You know they understand how a business works and how important data analytics is to overall success.

Kajabi sends you reports of your performance, so you’ll know how to adjust your marketing and business strategies based on your customers’ reviews and feedback.

Improves Marketing E-mails

Improves Marketing E-mails

And speaking of email analytics, they also help you improve your email marketing to secure more leads.

You won’t be sending a plain email anymore since you’ll be provided with templates, integrated links, and creative ways to insert marketing videos!

Say goodbye to plain Jane mails!

Personally, we appreciate this feature a lot as we know how hard it is to send out marketing emails that work! 

Fully-Integrated Web Page, Automated Pipelines, and 3rd Party Integrations

Fully-Integrated Web Page, Automated Pipelines, and 3rd Party Integrations

As we said, Kajabi is an all-around website builder.

And yes, the answer to the million-dollar question Kajabi vs. Leadpages question is yes, Kajabi can do what Leadpages do.

Kajabi is also capable of creating landing pages, and they provide templates and a premier theme you can easily use in building your online presence.

You’re also fully equipped with all the automated integrations such as video hosting and other tools you need to improve your sales funnels.

Plus, you’re allowed to have multiple admin users to have better control of your site.

Lead Tracking and Customer Support (People-Centered)

Lead Tracking and Customer Support (People-Centered)

Let’s face it, legitimate companies and large businesses track customers’ activity (not in a creepy way) to know the trends and responses that will be helpful for marketing.

It’s needed for you to have more accurate information on your next steps as a business owner.

Kajabi knows that, and it’s also part of their integrations! Amazing, huh?

And, of course, concerning leads and people, Kajabi will also guide you on connecting with your customers through community and constant contact.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

Staying true to their effectiveness for business, Kajabi also has a mobile app or software.

This means you can easily manage your digital company even if you’re not in front of the computer!

So yes, that’s just a glimpse of what Kajabi offers. You can always go to their website to explore more.

Leadpages: Your Landing Page Builder

But as we said, not everyone needs an elaborate site or service.

Some people already have a website and software built. They don’t need to start from scratch.

All they need is a good landing page that will improve the overall look of their website and service to convert users into sales as much as they can.

If you’re “some people,” then Leadpages will be a better fit for you.


Leadpages Pricing

Because you’re not supplied with as many all-around tools as Kajabi has, Leadpages can charge LESS for their subscription services.

Like Kajabi, you can also choose to pay yearly or monthly.

Ranging from $27-$239 a month, you can pick the plan which service suits you best.

The price differences of Leadpages vs Kajabi are evident, though we want to reiterate the range of features they offer.

But in terms of how worthy the price is for what Landpages can offer, we think it’s beyond reasonable and decent.

The next sections will discuss the features that make the price worth it for us!

Landing Pages and Websites

Landing Pages and Websites

Okay. We keep saying that Leadpages only focuses on landing pages as if it’s such an easy task to do.

In running online business pages, it’s important to have a good first impression. And how do you do that on a website?

Yes, landing pages.

There’s expertise and strategy in building a landing page and a website that sticks to users all over the world.

Contrary to popular belief, you need experts and designers to give you everything you need for a good sales funnel outcome. 

Think about it this way: with Leadpages, you get the expertise of the professionals plus other features for a packaged price.

What’s better is they enable you to do it yourself in a much simpler way, such as the drag and drop editor!

Marketing Tools for Effective Conversions

Marketing Tools for Effective Conversions

As we’ve established, Leadpages highly care about conversion.

They can do that by providing you with the right tools such as (but not limited to):

  • Pop-Ups: Pop-ups can help for better promotion and capturing of contact information 
  • A/B Testing or Split Testing: Series of A/B testing to help you improve user experience and make your website easier to navigate.
  • Real-time and Google Analytics: This lets you know if your page or site is doing well in real-time, so your solutions are immediate.

Unlimited Templates (That Are Actually Good)

Unlimited Templates (That Are Actually Good)

Of course, designers also know the templates that capture attention and concert individuals.

Leadpages is generous enough to provide you with unlimited templates, so you can easily use the drag and drop editor to design your pages.

Take a look at one of their sample templates below. If you want to see more, you can do so on their website.

Good Customer Support (for you)

Good Customer Support (for you)

While Kajabi is also praised for their good customer service, Leadpages get exceptional comments for theirs.

And we mean, it’s part of their branding.

If you ask us, we highly appreciate the effort they put into guiding their users to ensure that, in turn, your users will also have a good experience.

We don’t know about you, but it’s the wonderful and productive cycle we want to have when building an online business and site!

Kajabi vs Leadpages Possible CONS

After a detailed discussion of their PROS, we think it’s only fair to lay out the possible cons of the two.

Kajabi CONS

Here are some of the drawbacks you may experience with Kajabi: 

  • Monthly billing can be expensive if you don’t need or can’t maximize all of the services.
  • A complex interface is overwhelming for a new business owner/user.

Leadpages CONS

And here are some of the drawbacks you may experience with Leadpages: 

  • Lacking tools (i.e., no way to create online courses, no video editors/software, no integration of videos)
  • No email data analysis and other email integrations
  • 3rd party integrations are not as smooth

So, Kajabi vs Leadpages: Which Is Better?

So, Kajabi vs. Leadpages- Which Is Better-

After everything we’ve discussed – it’s time to put a pin on which one is better.

Truthfully, we’re impressed by both Kajabi and Leadpages because they specialize in their specific aspects, and they do it well.

Both also have reasonable pricing for what they offer, serving as good investments for your business.

But, if we have to pick a winner, it would have to be Kajabi.

Simply because Kajabi is the complete package, and they can also do what Leadpages do. Maybe not as elaborate, but creating landing pages is also part of what you’re paying for in a Kajabi package.

We want to put it this way: You can experience what Leadpages offer through Kajabi, but you won’t get Kajabi services with Leadpages.

Kajabi vs Leadpages Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] [Q&A]

Of course, we can’t forget to address some of the Kajabi vs. Leadpages FAQs. We’ll answer them in this section!

Which is Easier to Use Between Kajabi and Leadpages?

In terms of reviews, Leadpages get the most praise for their ease of use. But then again, it could be because the offers of Leadpages are also a lot simpler.

Kajabi has many services to unveil that can seem too complex, especially for beginners – which may be overwhelming.

You can check out other platforms available as well as alternatives to Kajabi.

We assure you, though, that once you get the hang of both, you’ll realize it’s already a very simplified and creative method of building an online page!

Leadpages vs. Unbounce: Are They The Same?

No, they are not the same. But they do offer similar services.

While this is a completely different topic from Kajabi vs. Leadpages, we’d like to touch on it quickly.

Leadpages and Unbounce both specialize in landing pages.

Their main difference is that Unbounce is more expensive with a $72 average range, as compared to Leadpages which falls in the $37 range.

The double in the pricing lies in the fact that Unbounce has a better quality editor that’s more suitable for a larger business or a full-blown ad agency and not really for a small-scale business.

So if you ask us between Leadpages vs. Unbounce, we will still vouch for Leadpages because it offers you more competitive pricing for the same purpose.

Kajabi vs Leadpages Summary [TL;DR]

Kajabi vs. Leadpages Summary

Here’s a short TL;DR to recap of what we’ve discussed. But we do suggest reading the entire article for a more thorough review if you want a clearer grasp of these two pages.

Kajabi (~$$119-$319 per month)

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform where you can collate your matters in a single site and page.

– The creation of courses is easier
– Provides data analysis, and other integrations (i.e., email, video, links)
– People-centered (with lead tracking and good customer service)
– Multiple admin users
– Mobile version
– Overwhelming to use for newbies
– Expensive if you can’t maximize all of its services

Leadpages (~$27-$239 per month)

Leadpages specializes in creating a landing page that converts traffic into sales.

– Unlimited templates
– Unlimited marketing tools focused on sales conversion
– Good customer service
– Easier to use (thanks, developers!)
– Affordable
– Lacking tools and integrations as compared to Kajabi
– 3rd party integrations aren’t so smooth



Thanks to many technological advancements by professionals, building an identity online has been so much easier.

With only a few clicks, you can already start thriving digitally and creatively!

Kajabi may have been the winner for this review because of certain plus points, but we equally like Leadpages, and we’re likewise amazed by what these software websites can do.

And if you want to see how Kajabi fares compared to other platforms you can check our comparison guides with Teachable, Thinkific, and Kartra.

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