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LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Best Course Platform for Learning

Learnworlds vs Kajabi

Nowadays, organizations look towards digitizing their classes and lectures through a learning course platform in the browser.

Amongst the many platforms out there, we’ve come down to our top 2: Kajabi vs. Learnworlds.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the differences, pros, cons, and overall accessibility of Learnworlds and Kajabi, so you get to have the final decision on your online course platform.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Price Charts

Kajabi Price Chart

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi’s plan price range is from $114 to $399. The basic plan is the cheapest but lacks the important features you will need.

You can easily save up 20% if you opt to have an annual subscription on any plan.

Basic Plan

  • $149 / month
  • $114 / month under annual subscription

Growth Plan

  • $199 / month
  • $159 / month under annual subscription

Pro Plan

  • $399 / month
  • $319 / month under annual subscription

LearnWorlds Price Chart

Learnworlds Pricing

LearnWorlds’ plan prices are MUCH LOWER than Kajabi’s, ranging from $29 to $299. This can be great for beginners or people looking to sell their online courses to people casually.

Starter Plan

  • $29 /month
  • $24 / month under annual subscription

Pro-Trainer Plan

  • $99 / month
  • $79 / month under annual subscription

Learning Center Plan

  • $299 / month
  • $249 / month under annual subscription

High Volume and Corporate Plan

  • Contact Learning Worlds

Price Comparison Summary


When it comes to the Growth Plan of Kajabi, being the most popular, you can have unlimited landing pages and an affiliate program.

You also get to have your own branding instead of Kajabi branding.

However, even Kajabi’s basic plan comes with only 3 products which means you can create up to 3 courses, allows up to 1,000 active members, and offers no 24/7 chat support.

The only good thing about Kajabi’s pricing plans is that they don’t charge any transaction fees.


On the other hand, LearnWorlds’ plan prices are FAR CHEAPER compared to Kajabi.

You can still have almost the same features with LearnWorlds’ -that Kajabi also offers-in their pricing plans, marketing emails, design capabilities, and course tools.

Learnworlds and Kajabi have their own plan prices that come with their own features, but regardless, they are both great learning platforms for your business.

With several payment gateways, payment options, and a 20% discount on the annual subscription plan, buying the latter will definitely save you some money in the long run.

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Marketing Features

LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi- Marketing Features

An important factor to consider in choosing course platforms has a built-in email marketing tool.

From email marketing tools to video postings, you should access these options for promoting your course and subjects online.

LearnWorlds Marketing

This is where LearnWorlds lacks strength in being a course platform.

It has no built-in email marketing tool, but instead, you NEED to connect with third-party services like Mailchimp, Aweber, or ConvertKit.

LearnWorlds DOESN’T offer anything from a page template to email marketing initiatives, and you can’t use it to create your own sales funnels or pipelines.

The only thing anyone will get are landing pages and a lead magnet to capture leads, and after that? There’s no more left to say.

The only things that Learnworlds can offer you in terms of marketing are coupons and promotions.

Use the affiliate center to manage and build your own group of affiliates for promos and marketing.

Are you looking to add that major part of marketing to LearnWorlds?

You may need to sign up for other services with email marketing, automation, and branding tools in learning platforms.

Kajabi Marketing

As mentioned before, Kajabi wins this round for having accessible in-built marketing tools and an affiliate program for learning platforms.

Kajabi pretty much has everything you need to have when it comes to promoting your course and subjects. You have:

  • Kajabi has a built-in email management tool that allows you to customize, personalize, and easily grow and manage your email list and subscribers.
  • Kajabi has a visual email builder that lets you create an email on the fly. Include IMPORTANT ELEMENTS such as timers, automation, and more for your courses.

Moreover, Kajabi’s page builder is simple and easy to use for everyone.

You pick a theme from options provided by Kajabi.

Once you’re in customization, you have unlimited choices that can lead to numerous possibilities on how your page will look for your users.

To make it easier for you, automation in Kajabi’s system lets you amp up the course experience for your users as well.

Equip your website with automation in its email, updates, and events to have timely and fruitful experiences. Your users will surely appreciate the experience they will receive on the page.

If you’re already on your promo phase, Kajabi has built-in webinar tools to help you connect through easy calendar scheduling with your leads to explain further.

They’ll be able to get the gist and have clarity on your course.

Lastly, Kajabi offers you access to your data from your:

  • Campaigns
  • Customer Database
  • Email Marketing initiatives
  • Previous projects
  • And results

You can view various reports and analytics of customer behavior, marketing effectiveness, and efficiency from the dashboard of Kajabi to help you improve your plans for your users.

Marketing Comparison Summary

Kajabi bags the marketing tools prize.

Its plethora of email marketing options and tools make it effective when your goal is to promote your subjects and courses to your users.

Having built-in email marketing tools, google analytics, automation, and page tools makes it EASIER to create your site the way you want it and spread the word on social media.

Compared to Kajabi, LearnWorlds doesn’t offer a lot when it comes to marketing. It also has minimal features that can really help you with your e-mail marketing initiatives and not impact them.

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Video Options

LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi- Video Options


Learnworlds has some interesting options for course videos on a website, especially when you avail of their Learning Center plan.

First, it’s super STRAIGHTFORWARD to import videos from channels such as Vimeo or Youtube.

Additionally, this applies to other file types besides videos. You can also directly upload files coming from Word, Soundcloud, and other apps that you can think of.

You have many options and flexibility when importing and uploading course videos from different providers and channels.

You can host your video content back-and-forth from LearnWorlds or in the video provider.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you let LearnWorlds do video hosting for your content.

Unlike other platforms, LearnWorlds DOES NOT limit you to the number of course videos you can upload. Additionally, LearnWorlds makes it easy for you to edit as soon as it’s uploaded.

You can save a lot of time on video editing (compared to the usual post-processing) as LearnWorlds helps you edit your videos with:

  • Interactive buttons
  • Questions
  • Logos
  • Titles
  • And images on the platform itself.

This lets you have a smooth and fast video experience.


On the other hand, Kajabi falls short when providing course video services compared to other course platforms, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useless.

The video uploading process of Kajabi is easy to follow and execute. Along with this, their video player works really well.

A good thing about the video feature of Kajabi is that it offers UNLIMITED STORAGE.

This eliminates any thought of running out of video storage for your platform, giving you more options on your video genres and ideas.

Unfortunately, Kajabi just lacks the important course video features compared to LearnWorlds’.

Video Comparison Summary

LearnWorlds’ got this one in the bag.

Video processes can take a while and sometimes can be stressful when editing and uploading them.

LearnWorlds makes it possible to have a smooth video process.

From pre-processing to post-processing, video hosting is accessible from other video channels, giving you a seamless editing experience.

What’s more, LearnWorlds provides unlimited video uploads in their platform and the cross-compatibility of other non-video files such as Microsoft Word and Soundcloud.

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Course Features

LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi- Course Features

Of course, a learning management platform wouldn’t be useful if it weren’t for its tool, available to make your site up and running for your users.

Both Kajabi and LearnWorlds have their own strengths when it comes to their tools for building your classroom or page. Let’s take a look at them.


If you’re looking for a main learning management platform to sell and manage your courses, then LearnWorlds is your BEST BET.

LearnWorlds is most know for and credited for its emphasis to help you sell your course and materials on the web.

It’s powerful, easy-to-use, and a reliable solution for your online learning needs.

For one thing, Learnworlds offers a ton of course features for you to use. All in all, you get a sophisticated and dynamic engine suited for classrooms that Kajabi lacks.

You can create graded and ungraded test types that allow you to really focus and strengthen the learning experience your customers and students will receive from your course.

What Happens if You Choose the Pro-Trainer Plan?

You get to have access to the Question Bank feature of the platform.

With this, you can easily create huge banks of test questions and assign them to your test.

But the feature that lets Learnworlds stand out from Kajabi is its online certificates.

When students finish their courses, you can offer them branded and personalized digital e-certificates for their use.

Any Other Cool Benefits?

Furthermore, LearnWorlds offer you high-quality video templates, engaging content, and as well as hassle-free classroom sessions for you and your students.

Additionally, LearnWorlds can secure your intellectual property by adding watermarks and logos to your classroom materials to eliminate copyright for security purposes.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering that LearnWorlds is SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant.

SCORM is a database of numerous e-learning modules and standards.

This reinforces LearnWorlds authenticity and quality as a platform for courses.


On the other hand, Kajabi focuses on selling multiple products online instead of online courses and educational materials.

If you’re looking to sell:

  • Video Files
  • PDFs
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Audio Files

Then chances are, Kajabi should be the platform you are using.

Comparing Kajabi & LearnWorlds, Kajabi lacks the tools and specialized features LearnWorlds possesses when it comes to learning.

It’s left with MINIMAL access to quizzes and surveys-nothing more.

Here is the list of features that Kajabi lacks:

  • Copyright Security
  • Course Accreditation
  • Basic GPDR

Kajabi does come with paper patterns, question banks, and branded digital certificates, but other than that? Everything seems to be pretty average when you compared Kajabi to LearnWorlds.

Course Features Summary

The winner for this category is LearnWorlds.

Learnworlds is one of the BEST platforms to use for utilizing video content inside a classroom.

Instead of marketing emails, you can improve the experience with video files and hosts from different channels available.

However, Kajabi still has its advantages over LearnWorlds.

For starters, it is a great platform if you’re looking for a multi-purpose site for selling and promoting through email marketing strategies.

However, LearnerWorlds is the MORE SUPERIOR platform for learning!

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Community

LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi- Community

Community creation is a GREAT WAY for people to get together and bond through a single interest. This is a vital part, especially if you’re looking to set up an online classroom for teaching.


For Kajabi, this is a separate feature that you can access through their mobile app.

It comes with its own branding and own set of unique features that students can explore and take a feel into the whole app.


When you use LearnWorlds as your learning platform, ALL students get their own shareable public profile and personalized grading cards.

LearnWorlds has its own built-in social network community where students can learn, give feedback, and connect to people with the same level of interest and passion.

Community Comparison Summary

There is NO WINNER here as LearnWorlds and Kajabi each have their own set-up for their social community.

However, LearnWorld’s community has a SLIGHT EDGE because students can connect and build relationships within the website while having the chance to learn.

Kajabi vs LearnWorlds: Site Builder

Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds- Site Builder

Your site should always be appealing and easy to use for your customers, but creating it by yourself shouldn’t be a hassle that will take up a lot of time out of your hands.

Fortunately, Kajabi and LearnWorlds both offer basic & advanced settings on their site builder section that can give you an infinite number of possibilities of how your website would look like.


Kajabi’s site builder offers A LOT of customization, flexibility, and a whole lot of dynamic experiences.

Kajabi recently updated it to make it easy for users to build a beautiful and effective website in converting leads into loyal customers.


The site builder of Kajabi has a unique UI for each section.

This creates a MORE UNIFIED experience when building. As a result, the themes, layouts, and designs are consistent with each other.

This helps speak out your story and brand to individuals with a clean look, feel, and experience in using your site.

Kajabi’s website builder offers you a great experience when designing your website through its customization and flexibility.

It lets you re-imagine and apply your ideas to what your website would exactly look like. It’s also made some things EASIER for you, such as:

  • Creating a more engaging experience for your members makes your social media platforms easier to share with your audience with email marketing strategies.
  • Customizing desktop & mobile devices for accessibility and convenience to your customers.


If you are the creative type, Kajabi has made something better for your designing experience.

Kajabi offers beautifully made themes and designs for your course. A bonus to it is the result of your designs will look like you just paid a professional designer to do it for you.

These designs and templates from Kajabi can save you hours from editing, arranging, and structuring your website over and over again.

You’ll realize that you saved up a lot of time from Kajabi’s made designs and templates.


Gaining more revenue is ALWAYS the goal.

Kabaji offers an upsell and cross-sell feature to your library for faster transactions.

If your customers purchased from you once, they would likely do so the second time. What better thing to do than improve their choices and experience the 2nd time.

This can be possible with Kabaji’s upsell and cross-sell feature as you can hide their previously purchased item and display items they are interested in.


Visibility and reach are IMPORTANT FACTORS to consider when creating a website. You need content and strategies to reach your present database and new areas and customers as well.

Kajabi has SEO features that you will love.

You can input alt-text on your media files in Kajabi to improve its search ranking and visibility on the web. This will help your customers answer their questions about your products.

If you’re looking to add some flair to your blog, Kajabi has options to make your blog stand out.

  • A great homepage for your blog: You pick and control the number of blog posts on your blog homepage. You can also hide posts that you don’t want to be seen on the homepage.
  • User-friendly blog design: You can make navigation easier by having the option of adding or removing the blog post sidebar. Add sections to your blog and global background color for consistency on your blog theme and design.
  • Save time and get organized: Add tags and categories to your post for better organization and navigation of your blog posts.
  • More flexible blog design: Edit the blog homepage and sidebar individually for a more flexible and customizable approach.


LearnWorlds doesn’t fall off from its website builder feature.

Like other platforms, It has great customization and flexibility – similar to Kajabi – to keep your e-learning site engaging and appealing for people.

Magic Templates

Ever experienced changing your template THEN losing all of the structured content? Pretty stressful situation.

LearnWorlds have Magic Templates that lets you switch to any template WITHOUT disturbing or deleting the content you worked hard for.

Control each detail, such as color, font, background, borders, animation, etc., with ease and without the worry of your content being deleted.

Site Flavors

LearnWorlds has its own feature called “Site Flavors.”

In their library, you have a selection of different themes for your page. With its simple drag-and-drop editor, you can easily change the design of your background or the entire site in one single click.


A drag-and-drop feature is a feature that any site builder should have.

It’s a time saver and convenience for people looking to create basic to advanced websites for their careers.

LearnWorlds’ page builder is equipped with a drag-and-drop feature that enables you to have easy and smooth control over the structure of your site.

Another bonus added in Learnworlds is that it has several pre-built sections and sidebars already for your picking.

You can add gamification elements to make your online course MORE exciting and engaging for viewers.

Page Builder Comparison Summary

Kajabi and Learnworlds are both winners in this category.

They have their own uniqueness to their page builders that adds to their strength as platforms for an online course.

Kajabi’s page builder focuses on marketing aspects such as SEO, revenue, visibility, and experience for your audiences.

All the while, LearnWorlds is MORE SUITED for classroom and learning sessions due to its features.

With Magic Templates & Site Flavors, you can easily design your site the way you like it or customize it so that your audience will have a better experience learning.

Alternative Online Course Platforms for LearnWorlds & Kajabi

If you’re not entirely sure about getting a plan for LearnWorlds, another alternative acts similarly, offering a plethora of features as well.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS can be considered your alternative course platform solution for LearnWorlds.

Its features, options, and designs are SIMILAR to LearnWorlds when focusing on selling e-learning course materials.

The learning software is a simple dashboard and sidebar navigation that lets you control and browse through the different pages available on your site.

Once you have your own account, you can have free accounts available for bulk student registrations and bulk enrollments; fully customizable and personalized on their own preference.

Afterward, you can easily categorize groups into departments and sections for clarity on when to distribute materials.

Absorb LMS also has a built-in shopping cart for your audience, giving you the necessary marketing tools to improve each purchase from the customer.

Additionally, you also have the options for gamification design on your shopping cart and e-commerce features. You can add the following:

  • Billboards
  • Surveys
  • Rewards
  • Point-based reward systems

Lastly, its course system is organized and structured for an easier viewing style for you and your students.

It’s divided into Chapters and Lessons; re-order them and drag for editing or re-alignment purposes.

Reviews have been coming in about Absorb LMS, and they are good and positive reviews on how the site helped its user database achieve its wanted goals in online learning.


Absorb LMS acts like any other LMS out there. It can be a GREAT ALTERNATIVE for Learnworlds because of its similar features, structure, user-friendly site for your course and classroom sessions.

The ONLY DOWNSIDE to it is that it’s more suited for medium to large enterprises.



TalentLMS is a great learning software alternative solution for Kajabi. Why?

This training platform is easy to use and can go a long way in making streamlined course materials and classroom sessions for your audience to make their learning experience memorable. 

Having an easy-to-use and flexible platform is what you need to strive for in the market.

Designing online courses can be a piece of cake with the help of TalentLMS. Its robust software quality helps course creators create the materials they want: engaging, high-quality, and informative.

If you’re talking about certified and engaging materials for your courses, TalentLMS supports SCORM and TinCan (xAPI) efficiently and handles CMI5 packaging.

Admin users can create long-lasting and memorable course content for their audience and students.

In terms of user-friendly interfaces, TalentLMS isn’t short of being one. The UI design of their landing pages is simple yet innovative and intuitive for your associates, employees, and audience to enjoy.

Customer support is one of TalentLMS’ strengths.

The customer support team of the Talent LMS software will provide you with the best software knowledge, dedication, and any type of software assistance you need.


TalentLMS is a user-friendly yet advanced software tool for beginners and expert course creators alike.  Understanding this software won’t be a pain for non-LMS users.

The number of databases the software can handle makes e-learning materials engaging and informative for students and audiences.

You can also check the reviews on the web for TalentLMS and see what their customers are saying to them.



Do Learnworlds and Kajabi Offer Free Trials for Their Services?


BOTH Kajabi and LearnWorlds offer free trials.

Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial option, whereas LearnWorlds lets you have a 30-day free trial before transaction.

Do Kajabi and Learnworlds Offer Free Domain Names for Websites?

Yes, they do!

LearnWorlds offers a free SSL certificate for every type of subscription you get from their plan, while Kajabi also offers a free domain name for course creators that don’t have one.

Which Is the Better Course Platform? Kajabi or Learnworlds?

Which Is the Better Course Platform- Kajabi or Learnworlds-

Both Kajabi and Learnworlds are for basic and advanced online course creators to help them reach the next level of marketing strategies and product promotions.

It ultimately depends on what your business needs or on what product you are focusing on.

Learnworlds offers focused and specific features to help you sell online courses and enhance the learning experience of what your students will receive from your website.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to promote and sell your products to gain revenue and traction from people, then Kajabi is better suited for your needs.

Final Words

Kajabi and Learnworlds are both competitive, unique, and great platforms to use when creating courses.

They have ROBUST FEATURES that any course creator would love to have when creating a website.

If you’re not convinced yet, each customer review of Learnworlds and Kajabi discusses reliability and efficiency in delivering their courses’ desired design and customization.

A customer’s review is worth a lot when it comes to online courses, platforms, and software.

Do you have other recommendations besides Learnworlds and Kajabi?

Leave them in the comments below to help your fellow course creators find them in their browser to create and sell their courses and materials to people for a great learning experience.

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