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Membervault vs Thinkific: A Comparative Review

Membervault vs Thinkific_ A Comparative Review

Ever plan a course sharing business that allows you to share your knowledge?

There are tons of options for you to choose from, ranging from Kajabi, Teachable, and our favorite topic for the day: Membervault vs Thinkific!

Shall we begin the Membervault vs Thinkific battle?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Membervault vs Thinkific: An Overview

Just came through the Membervault vs Thinkific battle, huh?

It might be counterproductive to place it as Membervault vs Thinkific given they both have charms,  but here you are!

Presenting to you the Membervault vs Thinkific overview!

Membervault vs Thinkific: Membervault Summary


We’re certain you’ve heard of Membervault before, but what EXACTLY is it?

Membervault is a lot of things, but it’s primarily a content hosting platform where you’re able to share free and paid content to your students and clients!

So you see, this is one for those who want to share all their knowledge. And for one, it’s open to everyone!

If you’re one of those people with a plan to begin your new or next course creation and membership site without the hassle of all types of technology, this awaits you!

If you’ve tried other membership sites to share courses, products, or platforms, we could say it’s quite similar to Thinkific, Kajiba, and Teachable.

But perhaps Membervault would be a better choice for you and your audience!

– Fast setup
– Easy to use
– Customizable design for all users (allows CSS)
– Comes with extra features
– Tons of course modules
Quiz gamification and leaderboard
– Lacks integrations
– Users don’t own their platforms
(although common with different platform such as Teachable and Kajabi)

Membervault vs Thinkific: Thinkific Summary


Standing as an entrepreneur that wants to provide an online course to their students for efficient use? Thinkific is a plan you could take for your dreams!

Greatly similar to Membervault, Teachable, and Kajabi, Thinkific provides you with a platform to share a course, blog post, website, and other choices and options for your kind!

More than being a system fit for starters, Thinkific also works with greater ability as a platform for a class builder!

So if you’re a part of companies and have experience, Thinkific will have something to help you entrepreneurs in the market!

Made for people who want to experience providing full and quality courses for their target audience, it’s also made for students who wish to learn with the tools that Thinkific provides.

– Free basic plan and account
– No additional account and transactional charges
– Instant fund access for your course plan
– Provides custom domain
– Tons of integrations available
– Difficult navigation
– No course marketplace
– Contains two-step checkout page process

Membervault vs Thinkific: The Differences

Membervault vs Thinkific_ The Differences

We’ve established that both Membervault vs Thinkific are online course places for educators, but where do they differ?

In this article, we explore Membervault vs Thinkific as we compare the most important features in everything course distribution!

Shall we begin and figure everything about what this Membervault vs Thinkific riot is?

Membervault vs Thinkific: Features


If you’ve had experience in the course (and other things) market, then you’d be fully aware of the painful experience of having to navigate tabs for course sharing. 

Despite being complete with features such as footer links by the page and page layout options, Membervault ensures their educators can distribute their knowledge in a way that advertises peace!

Sitting at the side, Membervault also offers their coding educators to add more custom CSS for a bit of better functionalities!


On the other hand of everything Membervault has to offer, Thinkific offers its users with education-specific features! Even on a free plan!

Easily spot your students’ personal information for class-related pages and others! You’ll also have a way to open a bit of discussion and place students in groups.

But of course, Thinkific also provides you with the option to filter out more responses that aren’t safe for the course.

Spam and a weird answer? Thinkific knows nothing of that!

Want to send your students a customized message? Oh, it’s a feature!

Someone talk about more engagements or something IN their marketplace? This is it!

Thinkific’s basic plan features are pretty worth it compared to others’ free plan.

Membervault vs Thinkific Winner, Feature Round: Thinkific

Thinkific offers their users with a better ability to monitor themselves (and more!) in their learning plan! Known for their test and engagement, Thinkific is for those who wish to learn the best.

This is a test of how much of a  page one can hold!

Membervault vs Thinkific: Budget


Membervault Pricing

When it comes to the prices of such software, Membervault and Thinkific sit far apart in the course builder market.

Membervault provides a free account (not trial, account!) for the first 50 plan users. That means you only start paying when you reach your 51st student, at which the price sits at a base of $39 per month! That one goes for a thousand students, too.

Finally, Membervault provides a Pro account for the base price of $69, which can reach up to 25, 000 students.


Thinkific Pricing

On the other hand, Thinkific tends to be a little bit pricey with its upsell technique (even when compared to Kajabi and Teachable).

The base price of Thinkific for a basic account costs $39, which is the price of Membervault for their regular account!

The Pro account in Thinkific costs $79 per month, with the Premier Thinkific account selling at $399.  Despite the mind-boggling prices and upsell, these are prices that could easily be justified!

Especially if you’re the kind of educator who wishes to run a multitude of companies with the help of an upsell!

Membervault vs Thinkific Winner, Pricing Round: Membervault

While Thinkific does offer a lot more, Membervault definitely takes the spot when it comes to price!

Membervault’s budget-friendly plan allows both users to reach their cart and checkout page with a smile (and with a Paypal that still contains money, too!).

They’re able to do this with a profit in their Paypal, upsell who?

Membervault vs Thinkific: Integrations


Moving on to the integrations of these top-notch course-sharing platforms, Membervault is known to have 9!

These include Mailchimp and some more as specified in the Membervault account plan and menu! These integrations allow for more styles of a post, menu, and checkout pages!

So if you’re picking up some affiliate programs, there’s one or some integrations to help you out.


When it comes to integrations, Thinkific is known to stand on top of Kajiba and Teachable!

Upsells with a purpose? Definitely! In fact, Thinkific offers you with integrations for E-commerce, email marketing, as well as integrations for growth! Their upsells are worth every penny!

Do you hear the bells and upsells scream with the entering of Thinkific? They’re definitely on another page when it comes to providing tools to fill out the users’ cart.

(Apple Pay or Paypal? We sure hope you’ve got something prepared!)

Membervault vs Thinkific Winner, Integrations Round: Thinkific

Without a doubt, Thinkific will bring you to a different page in the integrations world!

They’ve got services that have gone through a test for compatibility!

Variety in sales page? Thinkific definitely takes the trophy (and everyone’s Paypal too, but rightfully so!).



Well, that’s the end of the Membervault vs Thinkific battle. Have you picked YOUR winner?

While we did hold a Membervault vs Thinkific comparison, we still believe how you take advantage of your course sharing platform is what matters!

So take this Membervault vs Thinkific article with a light heart, and choose between Membervault vs Thinkific out of your purpose of use!

The sales page will always be there for you to come back to.

If you’re not quite convinced yet, you might want to check out other alternatives to Thinkific!

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