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Thinkific Landing Page Hacks


If you’re deciding on which online course platform to choose You’ll likely get a lot of possibilities. The Thinkific platform is an outstanding choice due to its numerous useful features.

There are many aspects to be aware of when using an online course platform and Thinkific is one of them. Continue reading this Thinkific review below to find more information about its unique features and advantages.


A brief overview of Thinkific Review Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

Thinkific is among the most popular choices for creating and selling online courses. Besides having an easy-to-navigate user interface, the platform also offers ready-made templates that you can build your personal website.

With just a few mouse clicks it’s possible to create and sell online courses, even if you have no prior knowledge. Drag and drop functionality of the site makes it easy to get started.

Online course creators will be especially interested to know about the advanced quiz elements for every course you make. They will make the course more enticing to learn by the students.

This online tool for creating courses also lets you upload different types of files to enhance your Thinkific course.

As with other online courses platforms, Thinkific offers email marketing tools and third-party app integration. It is possible to send email sequences through Thinkific itself, or through external apps like MailChimp, Zapier, etc.

Continue reading this Thinkific review to learn more about this well-known online course platform.


  • Easy-to-use drag & drop editor
  • Efficient course site builder
  • Templates that are pre-made
  • Different payment options
  • Features for marketing and sales
  • Student management options
  • Feedback capabilities for students
  • Adequate customer support
  • Access to the plan for life. plan
  • No transaction fees or concealed charges


How do you define Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online course platform built on cloud technology. It means that all content you create on it is automatically backed up online. It makes course creation more efficient and easy.

Furthermore, as a Learning Management System (LMS) offers many customizable options for course creators. You can easily create a course and then upload various materials to supplement your lessons.

If you’re among those instructors who like writing your course offline before uploading it, then Thinkific is perfect for you. You can do just that and then upload your course later online.

Thinkific can also host all the web pages that you create and can upload as much content as you want.

You can create an online course site even without site design knowledge also. It’s not necessary to endure an arduous learning curve using Thinkific it’s a fact.

There are many ways to market and distribute your course to help speed up the sales procedure of your Thinkific course. There is an online marketplace community that you can market your courses and collaborate with other course creators.

In addition, Thinkific is also a excellent option for people who already have their own site but would like to improve their marketing, and also gain students. It is possible to connect third-party websites to Thinkific to reach a larger public.

Features and Benefits of Thinkific

The following Thinkific review, we break down the top features and benefits which help Thinkific distinguish itself.

Drag and Drop Editor


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The way your courses appear on your website can greatly impact conversion rates. That’s why we love that Thinkific comes with a drag and drop editor. It makes it easier to organize your website and other digital products.

You can arrange the classes and lessons the you like. No need to be concerned with complicated code or methods. All you need to do is select the element you want and then drag it over to the place you want it to appear.

The majority of the essential elements needed to make your website appear more professional are covered by the Thinkific editor. From logos to color schemes, and fonts, you’ll discover everything you require to make your site look professional on this platform.

If you’re looking to go that extra mile and make your site better, there’s still the option to input CSS and HTML codes into Thinkific. It’s up to you to decide.

Additionally, you can use drag and drop to upload additional materials to your classes. Almost every kind of media is supported through the editors uploader. You can upload audio files, quizzes, as well as PDFs, to add value to your class.

Even the quiz types you create can easily be modified using the editor. Choose the assessment type you want to be under your class and then drag it to the appropriate place. You can choose from types of surveys, type forms as well as multiple-choice assessments among others.

Course Site Builder


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Thinkific offers more than simply a drag-and-drop editor. Its site builder for the course can be effective in getting everything all set up and in place.

As we mentioned earlier, Thinkific does its own web hosting. That means that you don’t need to worry about uploading limits. Your online storage capacity is infinite when you’re using Thinkific.

If you’re considering Domains Thinkific allows you to select a unique URL can be used with its subdomain. Your URL will look like this: .thinkific.com

This way, your site will be more memorable and easier for students to remember.

And if you want to avoid your Thinkific subdomain, there’s the option of registering a unique standalone domain for your website. It’s just a matter of paying slightly more for it.

Templates Pre-Made


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With regard to the course site builder, Thinkific has a slew of pre-designed layout and course templates you can use. It will help you avoid needing to create your site totally from scratch.

The platform provides you with templates that are based on the kind of Thinkific course you’re making. If, for instance, you’re creating an introduction course, you can choose an outline-type template. For the assessment and culmination, you can select a template that is review-oriented.

For template layouts and themes There’s also many to choose from. And once you’ve chosen something that fits your course, Thinkific offers settings to modify the colors, fonts, and design of the elements of the template.

In addition, there is no need to enter complex codes or even text. Simply select what you would like to put on your website and drag it into the layout.

But yes, if you want to continue using HTML and CSS it’s still the option of doing so.

It is also possible to rearrange and reorganize the elements of your site periodically. The different sections can be arranged chronologically so that your students know which lessons to focus on.

Payment Options


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For payment, Thinkific offers options to integrate Stripe and PayPal to your site. With these third-party payment processors it is possible to get your earnings in as soon as 1 to 2 days.

It’s a stark contrast from other online course platforms which have a pay-out time of 30 days. With Thinkific, you can make cash withdrawals more quickly.


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Students, they can choose from a one-time payment scheme or an installment plan. You can also offer bundles, discounts, and coupons along with whichever payment option they choose.

Take note that when you use the one-time payment option your customers will have to pay an one-time transaction fee in addition. Similar to the installment plan, with the exception that the transaction fee will be divided over the period of installment.

Marketing and Sales Highlights


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In addition to being an online course creator, Thinkific is also effective at marketing online courses. It includes features that let you create and market courses in just a few clicks.

After you have published your course, you are able to immediately make it available for sale by using your Market and Sell option on your dashboard.

From there, you can alter your website’s design to improve the conversion rates of your customers. You can improve how your checkout and sign-up pages will look like to users. That way users will be more inclined to sign up for an online course.

It is also possible to improve the way your courses appear on your site. They can be more attractive by separating your courses into groups that the users are able to easily navigate.

And as we discussed earlier, you can opt to bundle your courses using discount coupons and freebies. That way, your users will be more motivated to commit for a longer time to your course.

A sales widget may also be developed using Thinkific. It’s basically a button that you can add to third-party websites which will direct users to your course platform. It is possible to personalize them with a certain design and color scheme so that they are more in line with your brand and also look more professional.

Thinkific also lets you manage an affiliate program that will help you reach more audiences. Right on the site, you can create affiliate links that you’ll forward to your affiliate partners. These are what they’ll use to direct their customers to your platform and enroll in a class.

And once the affiliate program is in operation you’ll be able to view its progress on the Thinkific website. You’ll have the ability to monitor sales, revenue, and other commissions.

You can also choose to integrate other applications to Thinkific. If you’re looking into emails for marketing, Aweber is a good tool that can be synced directly with the account you have.

Student Management


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A learning management system can not be efficient in the absence of covering all aspects of online education. It’s also important to keep an eye on student performance.

Thinkific has a convenient student management system for students. With it, you are able to easily pull up the contact information of your students and basic information.

You can also personalize the sign-up form for your subscribers, asking them for specific information. Thinkific’s template asks for names, email addresses, and contact numbers. If you’re seeking specific information, simply toggle with your settings and add an extra field to the form to sign up.


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Once you have your subscribers pooled you can then categorize them based on the courses they signed up for. That way, you can keep track of them for each course easier.

With the Pro and Premier plans, you can search for a specific user based on their dates of enrollment, courses enrolled as well as job-type. There are even additional categories available when you explore the page.

Student Feedback


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Thinkific is not only focused on the course creators, but as well the students. This is why feedback from students is encouraged whenever you’re taking a course.

An open discussion between the students and the instructors can greatly reduce the learning curve associated with lessons.

There is a discussion section on Thinkific in which students can submit questions that they have about their online classes. After that, instructors can reply and clarify with answers.

Students also have the option to rate and review the courses they’ve taken. The ratings will reflect the quality of the online course instructor as well. This way, course instructors can establish their credibility through Thinkific.

These reviews can also assist students to decide whether or not a course is right for them. It decreases the chances of a student leaving within the middle of the lesson all of sudden.

And if course creators are worried that the reviews could potentially affect them negatively, they don’t have to. They’ll have to decide whether they’d like to publish a review or not. Thinkific will never publish reviews without permission.

Finally, a good way to keep students interested is to send them constant updates. Thinkific lets course instructors send push notifications to students whenever they publish new materials or lessons through the site.

Customer Support


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In addition, as one would expect from systems for learning management, Thinkific does quite a good job with customer support.

Before you sign up, you can access case studies and article guides on the official website. There are also easily accessible product demos and video tutorials to browse through.

If you’re already subscribed, you can access Thinkific’s Help Center. Thereare tools to help you get started on how to market online courses.

Thinkific offers guides and instructional videos that help you navigate the interface. Additionally, as I previously mentioned, there are forums where you can discuss your issues. Other users and instructors are able to assist you.

If you have more serious problems, you can place an inquiry to seek assistance from the customer service team. And if you’re subscribed to an Enterprise plan, or higher you’ll receive priority response.

One catch is that Thinkific does not offer an option to chat live, however. You just have to wait to see if they respond.

How Does Thinkific Work

Like every other review of course platforms, this Thinkific review will teach you how to begin using Thinkific. All you have to do is follow these six simple steps.

Step 1: Create an Account


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The first step is to sign-up and then create your Thinkific account. You’ll automatically be enrolled in the free trial upon registration.

Step 2: Customize Your Course Player


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After you have created your account and you have it, you can begin to customize the course players. You can use a specific color scheme that corresponds with your company’s logo and the theme.


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Your course player is what your customers will be using to access the content of your course. Videos, audio files and quizzes will all be available through your course’s player.

Step 3: Build Your Course


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After that, you can design the online class. Using the Course Builder program, you are able to create an entirely new course by adding modules, lessons and other documents to it.


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The content of the course can be broken down into categories and sections. You may also assign your online courses custom labels that facilitate searching.

Step 4: Personalize Your Site


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When your content is set, you can finalize the overall look of your site. With Thinkific you can have the option to customize each landing page for every course that you have.

This Thinkific Site Builder lets you choose a color scheme as well as a the theme of our homepage. This is where all of the courses you have created will be set up. Students will be able to go through it and choose the one that interests them from there.

You can also customize your landing page for every course. It’s best to choose a slightly different look for each course to make them simple to distinguish but blend into all of your branding.

Step 5: Name Your Website


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What you have to do once the content, course player and customization are done is to identify the name of your website. Make sure that the name is memorable but still appropriate to your brand.

Step 6: Publish Your Course


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And lastly, when everything is set and you are ready to publish the course. To publish, you just have to set a price and the specific payment details.

Something called a course card will have to be created. The course card is the thing that students see on their’ dashboards. When they look it up they’ll be able look up quick information about your online course and content.

A well-designed course card can be a great help for making courses available on Thinkific.

What is the need for improvement on thinkific

While there’s plenty to love about Thinkific, it isn’t without a few imperfections. For this Thinkific review we’ve listed the areas we think can still be improved.

Limited Quizzing Features

While we think that Thinkific is doing a great job of creating courses and content uploading however, we believe that quiz features could be enhanced.

The assessment template available on Thinkific is very basic. Although it’s sufficient to gain an understanding of how well your pupils know, it isn’t enough to be able to answer more complicated questions.

But if you’re satisfied with short check-up type exams at the end of each course, then this is what Thinkific offers you. For questions that require longer and more precise outputs It’s a good idea to look at a different platform.

Insufficient Email Marketing Tools

As mentioned, Thinkific can be integrated with third-party applications , and these include tools for marketing via email. However, this is only because it doesn’t provide email marketing tools of its own.

Although there are a lot of third-party software that is efficient but it would still be nice if Thinkific already had this on its own. It would have accelerated the process.

There is no live chat support

Even if we believe that the response from customer service is swift, it isn’t enough to make up for lack of a live chat feature.

Users who have more urgent issues won’t be able to get their issues resolved fast. They’ll have to just sit and wait for the response in particular if they’re not paying for the paid plans.

Thinkific Pricing


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Thinkific has three paid plans you can sign up to. And upon signing to the plan, you’ll then be able to sign up for a free plan without any costs for transactions or hidden fees.

Thinkific Free

Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

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The Thinkific free plan is distinctive as, unlike the plans of rivals, it doesn’t expire. You can avail of the plan for the duration you wish to keep using Thinkific. Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

Apart from being free, it doesn’t charge any hidden fees or transaction costs even when you offer courses. It’s perfect for course creators who are looking to cut back on expenses or for small-scale entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey.

With the Thinkific FREE plan, users can design three courses and then customize them with your own branding. It is possible to enhance your courses by adding quizzes, other materials and more as well.

You can sign up any amount of learners, automate the process of signing up, and follow their progress. Surveys can also be sent to them so that you can determine what they think about the course they’re studying. Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

Thinkific’s free plans also allow an administrator with authority to the site as well as multiple instructor profiles and access to all student data. You can even track conversion rates and click rates of your learners.

Additionally, the free plan allows search engine optimization for your content. This way, your courses will be easier to find by customers. You may also add third-party applications and websites to your own website to improve user experience.

Thinkific Basic


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Thinkific Basic costs $49 per month. However, if you decide to make your payments annually it will cost you $39 per month.

It comes with all the same features that the free plan has, as well as added premium benefits. First, you can make unlimited courses. This way, selling your courses is also easier. Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

Another thing you don’t get in the free plan is the option for drip-feeding your posts, send coupons, or access analytics.

To put it into perspective in two steps, firstly, drip content means to release data to your students at a set and gradual intervals. Additionally, you can mail coupons with discounts or other freebies for students who might need extra incentive to remain engaged. The third option you can access are affiliate reporting and marketing conversion rates.

With this plan it is easy to integrate the third-party tools that you would like to utilize. These include Zapier, Aweber, and MailChimp, among others.

Additionally, you can make a custom domain for your site with the standard plan. There is no need to use the Thinkific domain for your URL anymore.

Thinkific Pro


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Thinkific Pro costs $99 per month but if you get billed annually, it’s only $79 per month.

With this plan, you get all the same features like you do with the Free and Basic plans. The only difference is that you get greater options for setting up and benefits.

The Thinkific Pro plan lets you have two site administrators and 5 course admin accounts. Additionally, there will be advanced pricing options for courses and editing HTML/CSS codes. Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

You’ll have the ability to design private courses that only a certain number of people can access. Additionally, you can provide discounts and membership packages to your subscribers.

Course creators also have access to the more advanced assignments, quizzes, and assessment features.

Growth Package


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And with the Pro plan, you can avail something called a Growth Plan that you can avail of. The thing about it is that once you get more than 100 users subscribed to you, Thinkific will automatically charge you an extra fee over the $99 per month.

But don’t fret because the cost of your subscription grants you access to additional features. It is possible to send large quantities of emails, use third-party toolsand groups your users according to various parameters.

Thinkific Premier


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Thinkific Premier is the most expensive plan. It costs $499 per month, but when it’s billed annually, it is $399 per month. Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

If you’re a subscriber to this plan, you’ll access all of the same features available to the Free, Basic, and Pro plans. What gives it its edge and higher price point is the fact that it’s targeted at bigger companies with more members.

Its Thinkific Premier plan lets you have 5 site admin and 50 course admin accounts. You can also have something called a Single Sign-On (SSO). This is helpful when you have a lot of users who need to access the same page.

Also, this plan includes an onboarding program that is an onboarding call lasting 30 minutes along with a launch preparedness review and online training manual.

You’ll also have acces to our Growth package at a lower fee. There will be a flat cost that you only have to pay.

Thinkific Reviews


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Users who have reviewed and used Thinkific particularly appreciate how economical it is. Even with it on a free basis, you will have access to some useful features. Also, there aren’t any hidden charges so you won’t end up spending more than you planned to.

And other users also loved the white-labeling function of Thinkific. It lets you improve your brand’s image even if you’re an individual company.

In the end, educators are enthralled working with Thinkific because it’s great for students. It’s easy to navigate and explore.

“I found it interesting that this site had the option to upload files within the discussion. Then I’m glad I choose this option because other sites take the % of income, and you have to wait longer to receive money. No transaction fees!” -Anonymous

“I enjoyed the ability to design an access gateway, courses and payment methods all in 1 interface without any needs for additional products. I really appreciate how simple setting up the courses up , if you’ve got your curriculum designed and it has white-labeling.” – Anonymous

“Thinkific lets you begin producing courses for free and keep them free forever. It’s an excellent way to get started with course development without paying a penny.” -Anonymous

“Thinkific made it simple to design and offer our online course to financial advisors. The Thinkific support team was quick to respond and helped us to understand the process. I am also impressed the possibility of white-labeling and have the domain of your choice.” – Anonymous

“Classes were more enjoyable, entertaining, and easy especially for our more advanced learners. Teachers loved using it to create their classes and to share their work.” -Anonymous

Alternatives to Thinkific

In case this Thinkific review still hasn’t convinced you of its potential as an online learning platform, then check out the following alternatives:


Kajabi is among the first online courses platforms that will probably be recommended to you once you ask around. It’s a complete platform that lets you create and promote your online courses. Thinkific is similar to Kajabi in that way.

If you sign up to Kajabi it will allow you to quickly create a course and add content. Kajabi has built-in templates and themes that you could use to customize your site immediately. The editor for your website allows you to add multiple sections and sales pages to your courses. Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

As for quiz features, it has an edge against Thinkific because it comes with more advanced options. It allows you to create more customized quizzes and assessment types. In addition, you can hold webinars and video tutorials to ensure greater clarity in teaching.

Many teachers particularly like that they can reward their students with certificates for each successful course. Additionally, they are able to send content out to their followers, just as Thinkific.

But another difference that Kajabi is different from Thinkific is that it has better marketing features. Although Thinkific does let you easily sell your classes online, it does not permit you to build an automated sales funnel which could make your process more organized.

Kajabi also has tools for marketing emails and email automation, unlike Thinkific. You don’t need to install a third-party application to send email sequences and broadcasts to your subscribers.

It is worth noting though that Kajabi is much more expensive than Thinkific.

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> > Click Here to Start Thinkific for Free < <

In addition to Kajabi, Teachable is Thinkific’s other closest competitor. This is due to the fact that they share lots of resemblances as online course platforms.

Teachable’s interface is easy to use and includes useful features that will assist you in creating your content. There are pre-made theme templates that you can utilize to make your site look nice even without prior web design experience.

Like Thinkific instructors have the option to drip the content that they release to their subscribers.

But what sets Teachable against Thinkific is the quiz features. Instead of using templates that are basic, Teachable lets you customize your assessments and quizzes.

And like Kajabi, you can create webinars and videos in order to boost the participation of your followers. There’s also an option to include a sales page to your online course for higher conversion rates.

One last thing that we love about Teachable is that you can also offer your subscribers certificates for every course they complete. And unlike Thinkific, Teachable has email marketing tools you can use to send bulk emails to your users.

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Final Report on Thinkific Review

Thinkific Landing Page Hacks

Thinkific is a great product with a lot of advantages which make it worthy of an annual subscription. For one, it’s extremely easy to use. It’s possible to create an original online course and then sell it, even if new to the market.

Additionally, it comes with pre-designed layouts and templates that make it easier to set up your website. You don’t have to input complicated CSS or HTML-related codes in order to have an attractive and professional looking website.

If you choose one of the plans that are paid you will have access to more advanced features that can enhance your brand. You can forego the Thinkific subdomain and opt for Advanced users to set up their own domain name with hosting and develop the majority of the pages on their website using their own URL.

You can also connect third-party software to Thinkific particularly since it doesn’t have its own built-in email marketing tools.

Students are also able to interact with their instructors through online discussions on Thinkific. They can conveniently seek assistance with lessons or post questions about their classes. In turn, the teachers can assist the questions promptly.

Customer support isn’t too bad as well. You get prioritized for responses when you’re subscribed to other plans with a paid subscription. But just remember that there is no live chat feature.

Our overall conclusion on the Thinkific review is that it’s well worth a shot. If you’re a beginner author, Thinkific seems to be the ideal place to start creating courses.

The free plan lasts for the duration of time unlike other platforms. If you’re tight on money and want to save money, this is an excellent choice since you can access amazing features for absolutely no cost.

We strongly recommend that you test Thinkific out.

If you’ve enjoyed this Thinkific review, you can also read through our review of our pick of Best Online Course Platforms available today here.


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