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13 Best Kajabi Examples: Websites, Landing Pages

13 Best Kajabi Examples

Kajabi is one of the most popular online course platforms available today. You’ll find that many Kajabi examples and websites have grown to be quite successful because of the platform’s straightforward features.

Not only can you create digital products on Kajabi, but you can also set up fully-working membership websites for your customers.

Suppose you need some inspiration for designing your Kajabi site. In that case, we recommend that you check out this list of the 15 best Kajabi website examples.

These will surely motivate you to maximize Kajabi’s features, whether you’re a novice course creator or already a pro designer.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

13 Best Kajabi Website Examples

1. Earn That Body



This website was created in 2009 by Kim Eagle, a well-known lifestyle coach.

When you access the site, you’ll find it easy to navigate a menu made with Kajabi’s website builder. It consists of 3 athlete programs, 7 nutritional programs, and a variety of exercise modules.

Apart from that, site members will also have the option to purchase paid content, all with Kajabi’s online business tools.

Earn That Body offers online video courses, audiobooks, and one-on-one consultations. The prices range from anywhere between as low as $15 to $200, at most.

2. The Empowered Entrepreneur



Dr. Amy Palmer and Deb Del Vecchio-Scully came up with The Empowered Entrepreneur to do something called “brain-coaching.”

Since the best way to do business is with a motivated mind, they figured out the best practices for entrepreneurs to stay optimistic.

With Kajabi’s online course creator’s help, the two experts were able to design an easy-to-navigate site. On it, you’ll find a list of their services, a link to their blog, and instructions on how to contact them.

The Empowered Entrepreneur also offers exclusive content for those who opt to subscribe to their service. You can even sign up for their email list by adding your email address, which was created using Kajabi email marketing tools.

3. ICY Productions



ICY Productions is one of the perfect Kajabi website examples because it uses almost all of the platform’s features. It’s a site that teaches people how to create and edit videos using their iPhones and iPads.

The site offers digital products in the form of two online courses for its visitors. The students can easily download these and then access added video content for a more visual experience.

When you begin the course, you’ll also find a complete list of helpful tools you can use to create your videos. These tools link out to affiliate links, which creators can easily add when using Kajabi’s affiliate program.

And like most online businesses, visitors can opt to join an email list created with Kajabi’s email marketing tools.

There’s also an option for students to consult with their instructors while on the website personally.

4. The Bromley Method



This fitness website centers on Pilates for beginners, postnatal moms, and fitness enthusiasts. The landing page will lead you to more than 80 Pilates workouts, as well as a login page for old users.

The Bromley Method also offers paid subscriptions to personal consultations with Pilates experts on top of the different workout courses. You can also choose from three different installment plans.

5. Maggie Landes MD



The founder of this website, Maggie Landes, is a legitimate nutritionist and physician. Those who visit the site can sign up to purchase an E-Guide Mini Course material on proper eating habits and diet plans.

There’s also an option to subscribe to their email list to receive different recipes, shopping lists, and diet tips from the team.

6. Ella



Another perfect example of a Kajabi website that uses most of its features is Ella. It’s an online course site that has plenty of resources for learning the French language.

There’s even a free trial option for new students so that they can test out the courses. Ella even offers a free online video to all its users as a freebie.

It’s a Kajabi website that you can look to for inspiration when setting up your own landing pages, sales page, and online business.

7. Orthovated



This website was created to help out independent orthopedic clinics and practitioners. The founder, Dr. Robert Trujillo, offers legitimate career advice for orthodontists, dentists, and clinicians.

Like most membership sites, each user can subscribe to paid consultations, online courses, and even live workshops on this Kajabi website. The landing page has a navigation bar to help visitors explore the platform.

People can also sign up to join email lists on the website. This is proof of it being a good Kajabi website example.

8. Medical Exercise Training Institute



Another one of the best Kajabi website examples is this one by the Medical Exercise Training Institute. The platform is perfect for those who want to learn how exercise can help manage chronic medical conditions.

Suppose you’re someone who plans on eventually working alongside chiropractors and physical therapists. In that case, this Kajabi website will provide you with everything you need to know.

You will receive online training and consultations from Medical Exercise Specialists. There’s also the option on the website to sign up for different payment options, made using the Kajabi website builder.

Finally, there are also live videos and webinars that are hosted right on the platform.

9. The Fight Back Project



This Kajabi website is all about martial arts and exercise programs that cater to women. The founder is a Kickboxing expert, former athlete, and exercise scientist named Georgia.

When you open the website, you’ll be able to access information on the different programs you can avail of, as well as a brief history of the founder.

There are also podcasts that you can subscribe to and research articles that you can read through to help you decide on your program.

10. The Beatitudes Project



The niche that this Kajabi website example centers on is expressing the word of God through songwriting and music. The name The Beatitudes is actually taken from Jesus Christ’s teachings from the bible.

On the site’s home page, you’ll find the different digital products that the Beatitudes Project offers. These include a 20-track music album, book, 10-part film series, and other workbooks.

As you explore the landing pages, you’ll also learn more about the different ongoing projects. There is a post for each that contains useful information for someone just browsing through.

11. Course Bee



This site fits the memo as an example centered on Kajabi’s primary function, a platform for creating online courses. It helps course creators make useful and engaging lessons for their students.

By using Kajabi, the site provides people with different monthly plans that they can subscribe to. It also offers consultations that any person can book himself.

There’s a way to sign up to the email list right on the bottom of the home page as well. As people navigate all the other pages, they’ll find some more information on the packages.

12. Revitalized Churches



This is a website for pastors who need training and advice on how to lead their churches. People from all around the world can subscribe to consultations and online courses right on the landing page.

There is a free online course that new customers can avail of when they sign up. All the other pages on the site will lead you to an About Page, a blog post, and some more information on contacting the team.

13. Kenza Collective



The people that this site targets are parents who need guidance on how to relax despite a busy schedule of taking care of their families and working.

There are testimonials from parents from all around the world on how the website has helped them achieve a work life-family life balance.

Using Kajabi, the site founders were also able to create a login page and sales page for all the members and an option to subscribe to podcasts and online courses.

Other Websites That Use Kajabi:

Other Websites



The beauty of Kajabi‘s interface is that it’s easy enough for any person to use. Whether you’re an already seasoned digital business owner or more of a newbie, you can quickly get things set up.

Essential features like an unlimited number of landing pages, sales funnels, and digital products. They also include customer service, a free trial, and an FAQ section post that are readily available on Kajabi. It has everything you’ll need to get a fully-working and profitable business site.

This article only shared some of the many successful sites created with Kajabi. As you reach the end of this post, we hope that you gain good inspiration for designing your own site.

Check out ways on how to customize and range your pages with Kajapi API!

With Kajabi, there’s always a way!

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