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15 Best Thinkific Examples: Courses, Landing Pages, Websites

15 Best Thinkific Examples

Novice Thinkific course creators may find it helpful to follow templates from Thinkific examples when creating their first online course. This is especially if they’re new to the Thinkific platform.

Like any other website, it’ll be tricky to learn how to create a course and page on Thinkific at first. Luckily, we’ve compiled all the best Thinkific online business and online course examples for inspiration. These course websites mainly used Thinkific for powering up their sites.

Keep reading our list below if you’re someone who’s interested in designing your very first Thinkific online course/business.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

15 Best Real Life Thinkific Course Examples

1. Olive Knits

Olive Knits


Olive Knits was founded by online business owner and knitting enthusiast Maria Greene. She initially intended it to be a virtual knit camp but it blossomed into something much bigger.

The Olive Knits website is where she sells all her knitted products. A dedicated Shop page makes it easy to add sweaters, scarves, and other knitted accessories to your virtual shopping cart.

Olive Knits also offers podcasts, online courses, memberships, and audiobooks. You can even access a dedicated knitting blog right on the landing page.

As a Thinkific membership site, Olive Knits grants exclusive access to brand new knitting patterns and techniques to loyal members.

2. Dental Intel Training

Dental Intel Training


The Dental Intel Training website and software were specifically created to help dentists manage their business and stay up-to-date with all the latest dentistry news.

The website offers a wide range of Thinkific online courses that you can take to understand how exactly to use the software to your advantage. There are topics that help dentists who are learning content on newer dental techniques and strategies.

There is also an option to attend a live training with the Dental Intel team on the site. Plus, you can easily access a help and customer support center should you encounter any technical issues.

3. Regenerate Your Life

Regenerate Your Life


Regenerate Your Life is a Thinkific website dedicated to health improvement. It encourages a healthy lifestyle by changing your eating habits.

When you get to the site, you can easily browse through the different digital items you can purchase. These include recipe books, online courses, and a 30-day meal planner.

The online classes and audio lessons include tips on how to cook healthy meals and exercise plans for a fitter routine. There are free plans and paid plans that you can access by paying transaction fees.

Students can also claim freebies when they sign up to the site’s email list. Regenerate Your Life usually hands out free recipes every week since it uses Thinkific’s email marketing settings.

4. Dunbar Academy

Dunbar Academy


Dog owners are invited to check out Dunbar Academy’s selection of online courses about dog behavior and training. These include courses specially designed for new owners of puppies.

What’s good about everything on this site is that there’s an option to choose between paid and free courses. Though, to be candid, the paid online course will contain a little more content than the free one.

If you’re on a tighter budget, then you can opt for the free ones where you won’t even have to provide a credit card. For the paid ones, you choose a subscription program that you can pay for every month.

Dunbar Academy also lets its students sign up for online consultations from dog training experts. You can choose to take them in-person or online.

Other digital products you can avail of on the site are video tutorials, ebooks, and how-to guides. This is since these all support Thinkific.

5. The Coastal Drone

The Coastal Drone


The Coastal Drone is the official website for an online drone pilots certification training school in Canada. Though it’s hosted via WordPress, it uses the Thinkific course platform to house all its online courses.

Founded by drone expert and teacher Kate Klassen, the school boasts that it has successfully taught and trained more than 4,500 pilots with its courses.

On the main landing page, you can browse through the different items and services you can use. There is a free ebook, online course, and monthly podcast that you can access.

Basic and advanced pilot certifications, industrial inspections, and aerial photography courses can also be opted for through the site. You can easily earn completion certificates with this site.

And in turn, not only does The Coastal Drone train students, but it also trains future instructors. You can go through instructor training to gain a license to teach.

The site’s business model also earns revenue by offering paid subscriptions to users.

The most helpful feature on The Coastal Drone is the live chat option right on the site. You can talk to the The Coastal Drone team in real-time in case you have questions or inquiries.

6. The Weekly Oasis

Weekly Oasis


The Weekly Oasis is a membership site for writers all around the world. Once you settle payment and confirm your membership, you’ll have exclusive access to writing resources and courses.

From the home page, you can only either sign in (if you’re already a member) or read through the perks of getting a The Weekly Oasis membership.

Members can choose to pay for their subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis. The annual subscription is considerably cheaper, so we recommend you choose that.

People and students who’ve availed of membership plans will have access to advise and articles on staying motivated while writing.

The founder, Jennifer Loudon, usually holds a monthly video call for all members to share new updates and resources.

7. Key to Pictures

Key to Pictures


As you can presume from the domain name, both seasoned and newbie photographers can check out this Thinkfic online course platform created by Katie Evans.

The main offering is a 4-week online video course that teaches each student the ins and outs of basic photography.

Apart from that, there are other digital products that people and students can choose from on the site. These include workshops on online business photography and books on taking professional photographs.

It’s also interesting to note that members can even join an affiliate program powered by Thinkific affiliate marketing tools. Students who refer courses to others will receive 33% of the course sales.

8. Train2Point0



Train2Point0 is an online hockey training platform for hockey players and fans. It was built using Thinkific’s online course builder and website builder.

Students will have access to online courses on how hockey players can improve their playing styles and techniques on the site. They can sign up to become members of the site for exclusive resources.

For those on a budget, there’s also the option to choose the free training membership and courses. These courses will have limited features but will still be helpful for newbies.

9. Guitar Zero 2 Hero

Guitar Zero 2 Hero


Musician Dave Tran created Guitar Zero 2 Hero for novice guitarists and young learners. Being based in Australia, he used Thinkific’s online course builder and platform to design helpful courses.

On the home page, you’ll instantly be able to sign up for a Guitar Chords Mastery ebook. There’s also a blog with articles that answer frequently asked questions from guitarists.

And what sets Guitar Zero 2 Hero apart from all the other music websites is that it gives people access to famous musicians’ modules and courses.

Songwriters like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes will technically be your teachers when you sign up for an account on the platform.

10. Rachel’s English Academy

Rachel's English Academy


Rachel’s English Academy is more than just a business platform for learning how to talk in and understand English. It focuses more on the proper diction and accent when speaking it.

Each online course (made using Thinkific) on the site breaks down the proper pronunciation of hard-to-read English words.

And though the membership website is very successful today, it actually began as a Youtube channel a few years back. Its expansion into being a Thinkific-based platform allowed for more resources to be shared with students.

The digital courses that students can purchase on the site include online course modules, live coaching, audio files, and an invitation to a private Facebook group.

Subscription plans can be paid per month or per year using debit and credit cards. There are also different pricing options for each.

11. Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion


Another Thinkific-based business site example is Loyalty Lion. It allows e-commerce sites to offer loyalty programs to their shoppers.

Their most popular clients are Shopify, Magento, and Big Commerce. With Loyalty Lion, these stores can provide their customers with rewards points that will accumulate with every purchase.

More than being a loyalty points platform, Loyalty Lion offers an online course on how to manage loyalty programs. Other free courses and digital products include tutorials on getting new clients and leading for better sales.

12. The Samurai Carpenter

Samurai Carpenter


If you’re looking for a good Thinkific business site example for teaching woodwork, The Samurai Carpenter is perfect for the job. It will give you an idea of how to go about a unique business niche.

You can access everything you need to know about getting started with woodwork and carpentry when you open the site. The platform was built using Thinkific to host all its online courses.

There are also dedicated pages for online video tutorials, power tools, and other woodwork resources on The Samurai Carpenter.

Plus, you can opt to be redirected to the founder’s membership site platform if you’re more interested in premium and exclusive content. Jesse de Geest offers blueprints, clothing, and other carpentry tools.

13. Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider


If you’re looking for an idea for your personal blog, then the website of Elizabeth Rider is a Thinkific example to check out.

The health expert turned blogger created the site to be a knowledge base for everything you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It first started as a passion project but grew to be what it is today.

You can sign up to take Thinkific online courses, have access to healthy meal recipes, and even train to become a health coach.

There is also a blog written and managed by Elizabeth herself, which gives the site a very personal touch.

14. Dani Mac Yoga

Dani Mac Yoga


This yoga course website was created from the passion of founder Dani Maclean for fitness and yoga. It teaches students the basics of yoga as an exercise, as well as its beginnings and teachings.

Students can choose from different online classes that fit their level of expertise and schedule. Quick tutorials are available for people always’s on the go. Longer, more detailed classes are perfect for students who can dedicate more time to practice.

Also, like most offerings on course platforms, you’ll instantly have access to a free trial when you sign up for Dani Mac Yoga. Since it was built using Thinkific, it’s hosted through the platform.

15. The Balanced Runner

The Balanced Runner


Another fitness-focused Thinkfic online course site is The Balanced Runner. More than just offering courses on how to run, it also has courses on avoiding injuries when you do.

Like most companies that use Thinkific, The Balanced Runner uses online business tools for marketing its digital courses on the platform.

It even has a blog database of articles that respond to common queries from a person still starting with running.

Other Website Examples Built Using Thinkific




Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope that you’ve found the perfect Thinkific site example for your own website.

Countless platforms use Thinkific to set up their online courses, modules, and course bundles today. The many features on Thinkific will surely allow you to design the perfect online course for your chosen niche.

If you’re stuck in a rut on how to present your home page properly and digital offers, then it really is best to search for an example. It will help you lay out the right website and course structures you need.

Now, just take your pick from the best Thinkific course and website examples. You can begin creating from there!

If you’re planning on using Kajabi and Teachable instead of Thinkific, you can also check out our articles on the Best Kajabi Website and Platform Examples and Best Teachable Sales Page Examples.

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