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Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Which is the Better Funnel Platform?

Kajabi vs ClickFunnels

If you’re an entrepreneur currently running a business, then you are DEFINITELY in need of a marketing revamp.

Kajabi and ClickFunnels are the hottest digital tools available in the market right now… but DECIDING between the two is not as simple as you might think.

That said… are YOU the right audience for ClickFunnels? Kajabi?

We’re here to help you find out!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: At a Quick Glance

At a Quick Glance

The two digital marketing tools are BOTH amazing for answering your business needs… but they are also intended for different audiences.

  • Kajabi targets entrepreneurs that want to CREATE AND SELL CONTENT FOR TEACHING MATERIALS such as an online course, membership site, e-book, etc.
  • ClickFunnels targets businesses that generally want to SELL BOTH PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL PRODUCTS easily.

Although targeting different audiences, Kajabi and ClickFunnels also SHARE a lot of features that may interest you.

With that… let’s now quickly illustrate where the two tools are SIMILAR and DIFFERENT!

How are the Tools Similar?

  • Email Marketing Capabilities. Kajabi has automation and email marketing features under its basic plan, while ClickFunnels has a suite of tools under Actionetics.
  • Affiliate Marketing Systems. ClickFunnels offers these under its Backpack Suite, while Kajabi features an appropriate affiliate program system as well.
  • Payment Schemes Integration. Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels offer payment options WITHIN their platforms.
  • Sales Funnel Building Capabilities. This is called Pipelines (a pipeline builder) under the Kajabi sales funnel service, while ClickFunnels simply integrates sales funnels into its main system.

Great! Now that the similarities have been established, let’s now look at how the tools are DIFFERENT… we’ll do this by identifying where each tool has an ADVANTAGE over the other!

What is the Kajabi Advantage?

  • Course Builder. Kajabi has a comprehensive database for THEMES, OPTIONS, and TUTORIALS to help you build your course.
  • Streamlined Content. Whether be it courses or digital products, Kajabi has enough funnels, email marketing, CRM, and landing pages to help build your content.
  • Membership Sites. Kajabi is the better marketing platform to create membership sites ESPECIALLY because it is ideal for course-building.

Read through our Complete Kajabi Review for more information.

What is the ClickFunnels Advantage?

Click Funnels
  • Content Flexibility. You can create better sales funnels for selling both PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL products and courses.
  • Page Builder. The drag and drop builder of ClickFunnels is more comprehensive for wider customization.
  • Sales Funnels. ClickFunnels is great for page customization through its incorporation of QUALITY funnels and landing pages.
  • WordPress Integration. This is for you if you want a domain under the already established platform of WordPress. Building your own website through Kajabi can be tedious for the regular customer.
  • Customer Service. ClickFunnels has a 24/7 chat support team to help address your concerns.
  • Value for Money. Simply, ClickFunnels has STANDARD PLAN FEATURES that are offered at a lower price point than Kajabi. This is great value for startups.

Kajabi and ClickFunnels are more similar than you might think… however, it’s their little differences and targeted offerings that can make each other stand out!

In the next section, you’ll learn more about the SPECIFIC FEATURES that both marketing platforms offer.

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Comparing Digital Platform Features

Learning about what Kajabi and ClickFunnels can offer at a quick glance hopefully gave you an idea about what to expect from them.

Now, we’ll guide you through each one so you can UNDERSTAND what you’re about to deal with!

#1 Funnel Building

#1 Funnel Building

Building your sales funnel refers to how you would program your site. These are the STEPS that someone has to take when becoming your customer.

Important Note: The other features we will be comparing in later sections will mostly revolve around how the platforms utilize their sales funnel!

FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF with the funnels as early as now for easier understanding later on.


This tool’s funnel builder is arguably its BEST FEATURE.

This is primarily manifested as a drag and drop mechanism through two aspects: templates and page builders.

Pre-Built Funnels and Templates

ClickFunnels offers 22 TYPES of online sales funnels. These include funnels for:

  • Collecting emails
  • Selling products
  • Selling courses, coaching, and services
  • Hosting webinars
  • Running membership sites
  • And a lot more!

The funnels come with free AND paid templates that offer features depending on what you need. Some powerful templates include the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • Thank you pages

These templates are also EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE. Simply add each funnel by adding new pages or removing existing ones!

The ClickFunnels funnel builder is appropriate for BOTH PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL products and courses.

Page Editor

If you’re feeling creative and feel like any of the funnels or templates do NOT represent your brand enough… you can also CREATE YOUR OWN SALES FUNNEL FROM SCRATCH!

Here’s what you can easily do with the ClickFunnels page builder:

  • Edit content within the page
  • Add your own text, video, image, checkout forms, opt-in forms, etc.
  • Change fonts
  • Add page columns
  • Embed youtube videos (and yes, even as your page background as well)
  • Connect your page to a domain, WordPress blog, social media pages, etc.


You can also create sales funnels using what Kajabi calls Pipelines! It’s mainly a pipeline builder.

However, these are tailored for SELLING YOUR COURSES and OFFERING MEMBERSHIPS on your site.

Though not as robust as ClickFunnels, there are still A LOT of pre-built templates and sales funnels for you to choose from in Kajabi. Content delivery is what Pipelines focuses more on.

Pre-Built Funnels and Templates

In addition to the expected addition of elements such as videos, images, and texts… you can also maximize your pipelines and landing page in Kajabi for the following:

  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Opt-in form bars
  • Testimonials
  • Countdown timers
  • And more!
Email Integration and Course Layout

Kajabi offers Pipelines that EASILY AUTOMATE YOUR EMAILS AND EMAIL LISTS. For a marketing platform, this feature is not entirely present in ClickFunnels.

We will discuss these separately in the next sections for ease and comprehensiveness of comparison against ClickFunnels.

So Now… The Verdict

ClickFunnels is our winner…

With far more funnels AND a wider scope, the features the marketing service offers feel more premium than Kajabi.

Remember, this is because ClickFunnels is flexible enough to handle BOTH physical and digital products and services!

However, do choose Kajabi IF you’re only offering courses on your site.

#2 Course Creation and Membership Site Builder

#2 Course Creation and Membership Site Builder

The debate between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels wouldn’t be complete if we don’t talk about their course-building features!


The ClickFunnels service allows you to HOST COURSES and enter into MEMBERSHIP PAGES.

Courses are divided into sections and lessons in ClickFunnels. The funnel works this way:

  • The customer buys a course
  • The customer registers on the memberships landing page
  • The customer is directed to the memberships area where the course is being hosted

The ClickFunnels courses and memberships funnel can be EASILY INTEGRATED with the sales funnel builder, too.

These are the STEPS YOU CAN FOLLOW after integrating it with the sales funnel software:

  • Create the OPT-IN PAGE where you can collect each user’s email address
  • Create the SALES PAGE where you can display your course details
  • Create the ORDER PAGE where the customer can order your course
  • Create the ORDER CONFIRMATION PAGE where the customer can register after buying your course

Why is the opt-in page important?

This is the part of your course builder that allows you to MARKET YOUR COURSES BETTER THROUGH EMAIL THREADS.

In this digital age, users would prefer their content and REMINDERS to be collated all in one source! So yes, even if you already have a separate site for your courses.

That said, you’ll notice that ClickFunnels is more focused on GENERATING LEADS FOR YOUR COURSE AND SELLING IT.


Course creation is Kajabi’s EXPERTISE.

It offers more robust curriculum-making features than ClickFunnels… think of it as being able to do all the course building that ClickFunnels offers EXCEPT TONS MORE.

With a simple drag and drop editor, you’ll find programming any type of course or membership site easy and intuitive!

Kajabi firstly offers you THREE BLUEPRINTS from which you can design your courses:

  • Mini-Course Builder
  • Online Course
  • Online Training

Or, of course… you can always just start away from SCRATCH.

These are the SIMPLE STEPS YOU CAN FOLLOW when building an online course for reference:

  • Select the TYPE OF PRODUCT. Do this in the PRODUCTS PAGE of your dashboard.
  • Outline your COURSES. There are draggable CATEGORIES AND SECTIONS you can easily match with your course topics.
  • Customize your page with options like disabling comments or allowing downloadable files.
  • Add appropriate TYPES OF CONTENT. This can range from quizzes, audios, videos, assessments, exams, and podcasts.
  • PRICE YOUR COURSE. Choose among having a fixed price, settling full or monthly payments, or having a recurring membership fee.

Other course building features UNIQUE to Kajabi are the following:

  • User Progress Bars. These show your users how far into the course they already are in. This is GREAT for encouraging them to accomplish their work!
  • Native Video Hosting. You can post your videos DIRECTLY into Kajabi! Your users wouldn’t need to be redirected to outside sites just to watch any video tutorials.
  • User Forum Boards. Kajabi values a platform that keeps their users and active members engaged with each other. Learning is seen to be better this way.

You can also MAXIMIZE the sales funnels in Kajabi for more automation.

The Verdict

Course building is definitely up in Kajabi‘s alley.

The marketing tool is more comprehensive and more intuitive when having your business SELL online courses.

Whereas ClickFunnels is comparably limited in the area of course creation as it focuses more on MARKETING and SELLING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

As a platform with enough features, ClickFunnels is still a great alternative if you’re on a limited budget.

#3 Automation and Email Marketing

#3 Automation and Email Marketing

ClickFunnels: Actionetics

ClickFunnels has a separate section for automation and email marketing solutions called Actionetics.

With this, you can easily connect your marketing and sales funnels to send AUTOMATED RESPONSES.

Your email list can also be SEGMENTED AND FILTERED APPROPRIATELY for various campaigns that you might have:

  • By geographic location
  • By age
  • By gender
  • By engagement with your funnel
  • By purchase history

These leads are useful for the LAUNCHING OF NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

ClickFunnels can easily send these users texts and emails about new information for your sales… all, of course, depending on your target segments!

How can you personalize your sales funnel software for automation?

  • Design your funnels depending on how active members JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR PROGRAM.
  • Build your automated marketing emails in the EMAIL BROADCASTS tab. You can schedule your emails for sending on specific dates and times.
  • Wait for a customer to opt-in. You can funnel them in any way that you want to! Towards a course? A new product? A new service? You can program these FREELY.

Once you build a funnel, you can LEAVE everything up to ClickFunnels.

For just about $297 monthly, you gain access to this BUILT-IN PLATFORM.


Email marketing is also available on ALL Kajabi plans… just with some limitations when compared to Actionetics.

You can do the following EQUALLY as powerful as ClickFunnels:

  • Automate marketing emails using the email automation tool
  • Tag users
  • Segment active members
  • Send autorespond sequences depending on funneled actions

Yes, you can have ALL these basic features with Kajabi!

However, a feature that you, unfortunately, cannot do is: setting a DATE and TIME for automated responses.

If automating AND scheduling campaigns is important for your online business, you may want to sit Kajabi out based on this feature alone.

The Verdict

ClickFunnels has slightly stronger email marketing capabilities with Actionetics.

The platform is highly dependable too since you can easily market and sell BOTH digital and physical products better.

#4 Marketing and Checkout Features

#4 Marketing and Checkout Features

Functions-wise, a standout ClickFunnels feature that we can recognize could be its SHOPPING CART button. This makes checkout easier and faster for the end customer.

But other than that, ClickFunnels and Kajabi have nothing but SIMILARITIES when talking about this aspect.

Rather than differentiating them, let’s simply walk you through what both of them can offer:

  • Order forms are integrated with various payment methods. This makes it easier for your customers to pay through Paypal or Stripe.
  • Order bumps. This feature can UPSELL your customers and INCREASE their average order value.
  • One-time offer capabilities. Increasing CUSTOMER URGENCY often results in more sales! These are often manifested through coupons or vouchers that are specific to your platforms.

These are amazing offers from the Kajabi and ClickFunnels standard plan!

Marketing plans are thus targeted to SUSTAIN INITIAL TRACTION in:

  • Online courses in Kajabi, and an
  • Online business in ClickFunnels

The Verdict

There is NO CLEAR WINNER for the marketing and checkout capabilities. Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels show equal strengths in this aspect!

You will be able to effectively reach your customers through the platforms’ order form capability without problem… it also helps that payments are INTEGRATED inside the tools already.

#5 Affiliate Marketing

#5 Affiliate Marketing

Partnering with affiliates is possible with BOTH Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

So how exactly are they different?


ClickFunnels features an affiliate system called Backpack under its Actionetics suite.

Here’s what you can do with this business system:

  • Organize your affiliates by performance
  • Track the number of clicks and conversions
  • Implement a tier-based affiliate program

These tiers offer INCENTIVES whenever you secure a ClickFunnels affiliate.

Simply, you earn INCREASING COMMISSIONS depending on specific criteria:

  • 20% commission for NEW CUSTOMERS


Affiliates are only possible for your offered ONLINE COURSES.

Through this SIMILARLY TIER-BASED marketing system, you and your CUSTOMERS are guaranteed the following:

  • Your own dashboard
  • A tailored sales page tracker
  • A personalized commissions overview

The dashboard also shows you IMPORTANT STATISTICS such as form submissions, conversions, and conversion rates.

With Kajabi, affiliate payments are offered at the rate of 30% for ANY LIFETIME REFERRAL.

The Verdict

Again, both products are EQUALLY POWERFUL.

Really the only difference that should matter is your targeted audience.

Depending on your affiliate’s type of business, stick with Kajabi if they are more aligned with COURSES.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels has broader incentives since you can sell ANY kind of product using the platform.

#6 Integrations with Third-Party Tools

#6 Integrations with Third-Party Tools

Again, both ClickFunnels and Kajabi both have the same integration power.

Third-party integrations are important for your online business journey to MAKE YOUR PLATFORMS MORE FLEXIBLE.

Email marketing solutions are natively integrated using the two tools:

  • MailChimp
  • Converts kit
  • Infusionsoft
  • And many others!

The workflow automation Zapier is one of the most popular integrations across platforms. ClickFunnels and Kajabi allow you to integrate with them to gain access to OVER A THOUSAND more tools and apps.

Both come with Zapier integration as well. This means you can possibly integrate both with 1000s of third-party tools and apps.

The Verdict

There is no Kajabi vs ClickFunnels debate here… they’re both equally functional in the aspect of integrating third-party apps!

#7 Design and Page Builder

#7 Design and Page Builder

Rounding back this list of features is a MAIN ELEMENT that can make you settle on a digital marketing tool.


ClickFunnels highlights the use of their sales funnel software and landing page templates.

The tools you can explore with ClickFunnels are PERFECT if you’re a blogger!

The most commonly used sales funnel templates include:

  • Order form template
  • Shopping cart
  • Email autoresponses
  • Landing page
  • Site hosting

You’re also free to choose among sales funnel types such as: Product Launching funnel, Sales Letter Funnel, Demo Application Funnel, and more.

The ClickFunnels page builder has FOUR EASY TO REMEMBER PARTS that allow you to successfully construct a page.

This four-step layering is HOW YOU BREAK DOWN YOUR PAGE:

  • Sections. This is the encompassing part of your page. You can have MULTIPLE SECTIONS depending on your needs.
  • Rows. Rows are found INSIDE the sections. You are free to label them however you like.
  • Columns. Columns are found WITHIN the rows for easier organization.
  • Elements. Elements are customized WITHIN the columns for page interactivity. These contain everything from text to colors to mobile optimization.


Kajabi also has a simple drag and drop editor that allows you to BUILD YOUR PAGE.

What’s GREAT about the Kajabi builder is that it’s INTUITIVE AND MOBILE FRIENDLY.

  • High level of organization. Its SECTIONS are all listed on the left side of your dashboard for easy access.
  • Available PRE-BUILT sections. There are OVER 30 templates that you can use to customize your landing pages: more features, pricing tables, countdown timers, courses list, etc.
  • Elements customization. Similar to ClickFunnels, the Kajabi subscription plans give you the freedom to design the front end of your sites.

The Verdict

ClickFunnels feels more like it offers more features… but that’s because it is able to target a WIDER AUDIENCE than Kajabi.

Ultimately, both tools DO THEIR JOB in allowing you to build your page. Both are user-friendly and adopt a wide range of functions to use throughout the building process.

#8 Pricing

#8 Pricing

Before deciding based on features alone, make sure the marketing tool you’re availing is WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.

Here’s what you’re getting at different price tiers as we finally settle the ClickFunnels vs Kajabi debate:



ClickFunnels allows ALL its users to share funnels with other active users.

However, they also only offer unlimited follow-up funnels to its Platinum and Collective subscribers.

But at its price points, these subscribers are then entitled to weekly peer-reviewed hackathons.

Basic Plan
  • Monthly Subscription at $97 per month
  • 20 Funnels
  • 100 Pipes
  • 1 User
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • 3 Domains
  • Chat Support
  • Funnel Flix
  • Monthly Subscription at $297 per month
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Pipes
  • 3 Users
  • 9 Payment Gateways
  • 9 Domains
  • Priority Chat Support
  • Funnel Flix + Hours of Additional Training Programs and Courses
  • Monthly Subscription at $1,497 per month
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Pipes
  • 10 Users
  • 27 Payment Gateways
  • 27 Domains
  • Priority Chat Support + VIP Phone Support
  • Funnel Flix + Hours of Additional Training and Courses

Notably, the Platinum and Collective subscriptions offer A LOT of unlimited features… this is because you are only granted access to Actionetics by then.

Actionetics is the brainpower behind email marketing and sales funnel automation in ClickFunnels.

Moreover, the service limits its basic plans to just around 20 funnels and 100 pages.



Kajabi is on the higher end of price ranges as it starts at around $149 per month.

However, Kajabi offers unlimited landing pages for ALL its subscription tiers already.

Basic Plan
  • Annual Subscription at $149 per month
  • 3 Products
  • 3 Pipelines
  • 10,000 Contracts
  • 1,000 Active Members
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Admin User
Growth Plan
  • Annual Subscription at $199 per month
  • 15 Products
  • 15 Pipelines
  • 25,000 Contracts
  • 10,000 Active Members
  • 1 Website
  • 10 Admin Users
  • Annual Subscription at $399 per month
  • 100 Products
  • 100 Pipelines
  • 100,000 Contracts
  • 20,000 Active Members
  • 3 Website
  • 25 Admin User
  • 2,000,000 Marketing Emails

Comparably, Kajabi already offers ALL of its features in its basic plan. Whereas ClickFunnels only starts to offer Actionetics on its higher-tiered subscriptions.

However, Kajabi does put some stricter limitations on its pro plan.

A Kajabi subscription also entitles you to access to Kajabi University’s LIBRARY of resources.

The Verdict

Despite putting clear limitations between its higher-tiered plans, ClickFunnels seems to offer MORE than what Kajabi does at the same price range.

Even a more compelling Kajabi vs ClickFunnels pricing argument is that: ClickFunnels has a LESS EXPENSIVE starting price on its starting plan.

Moreover, the customer service in ClickFunnels is unparalleled.

But here’s the catch. As you scale your business to a larger audience, the plans on ClickFunnels are skyrocket expensive. Their collective plan alone hurts our wallets.

This is where Kajabi offers a more balanced price tier as you move from the standard to their pro plan.

FAQs on Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels


1. What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a digital marketing tool that specializes in selling online products such as online courses, e-books, trainings, etc.

It is a course-hosting and content delivery platform that helps you manage everything from course creation to marketing. You can do this by creating sales funnels and email automation campaigns.

2. What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a digital marketing tool for content creators to build a platform. Its main goal is to sell and market BOTH physical and digital products to customers.

ClickFunnels simplifies the process of customizing your sales funnels to generate leads AND target your audience USING email marketing tools.

3. Do These Platforms Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels provide a 14-day free trial.

You will be automatically charged for your chosen paid plan after the 14-day free trial period.

This will be helpful in gauging the RIGHT marketing service for you… consider a trial period especially since the Kajabi pricing is on the higher side.

4. Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Which is Worth More?


ClickFunnels offers a cheaper monthly starting plan at $97. You can get the same basic features with Kajabi at $149 per month.

5. Is Kajabi a CRM?

Yes, Kajabi can be utilized as a CRM.

However, its marketing power is strongest for offering DIGITAL COURSES and MEMBERSHIP SALES.

But yes, you are still free to maximize creating landing pages and sales funnels for your organizational needs.


There is NO single superior tool over ClickFunnels and Kajabi.

ClickFunnels targets a different audience, and the same can be said for Kajabi.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb to follow!


Kajabi If:

ClickFunnels If:

  • You want a better platform for CONTENT CREATION
  • You want to maximize having UNLIMITED LANDING PAGES
  • You have plans to UPGRADE your plan after considerable time

Kajabi’s low-tier plan can DEFINITELY get you started on a proper content delivery system to earn revenue.

  • You want to sell BOTH digital and physical products
  • You want to CREATE SALES FUNNELS to generate more sales
  • You are looking for a LESS EXPENSIVE marketing starting plan

With the ClickFunnels pricing, rest assured, you are getting QUALITY AND VALUE for your digital tools.

In the end, AUDIENCE is what settles the debate between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels. Kajabi simply makes it easy for you to build an online course. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is perfect for an all-around entrepreneur.

For more sales funnel options, check out our article on the Top Sales Funnel Softwares available online.

About the author


Jack has worked on the video production, audio mastery, and physical coursework for over one-hundred popular online courses to date. He’s here to share his experiences with you, as well as show you what tools are worth your time, how to spot those that aren’t worth a penny, and above all else, how to keep yourself informed about how to navigate online course creation efficiently and effectively.