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Thinkific Pricing Plans – What Option is Best?

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms that we recommend for all types of online creators. It has rich and useful features that will make your digital products sell better.

For an in-depth review of Thinkific’s features and benefits, you check out our Thinkific Review.

But if you’re more interested in finding out about its pricing plans, then this article is perfect for you. Just keep reading now.

Overview of Thinkific Prices

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What is Thinkific?


Thinkific is an online course platform that allows its users to create and sell their own online courses.

It has a straightforward and very easy-to-use interface which has made it popular among novice creators.

When designing your website, you can choose from pre-made templates and layouts. Even without any prior web design knowledge, it’ll be quick to set up a professional-looking site.

The platform uses a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to arrange your site.

Simply choose which elements you’ll need and drag them to your website space.

Course creators enjoy Thinkific because of the variety of quiz elements that they can choose from to enrich their lessons.

You can upload almost any type of media file to each module by using the online course builder.

Thinkific is also well-known for being a great avenue for marketing online courses. You can easily post your course up for sale on the site.

Plus, it has email marketing options that you can use to either reach out to your students or other potential customers.

You can even integrate third-party applications like MailChimp and Zapier for enhanced and automated email settings.

Finally, there are four different pricing plans that you can avail of, depending on your needs and budget.


  • Easy-to-use drag & drop editor
  • Efficient course site builder
  • Pre-made templates
  • Different payment options
  • Sales and marketing features
  • Student management options
  • Student feedback capabilities
  • Adequate customer support
  • Lifetime access to the free plan
  • No hidden charges


  • Limited quizzing features
  • Lack of email marketing tools
  • No live chat support

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific Pricing Plans

As mentioned, Thinkific offers four different pricing plans.

One is a free plan, while the latter three are paid plans. You should note that none of the plans have hidden charges or extra transaction fees.

All four pricing plans offer core Thinkific features.

You’ll be able to create a fully-working website from scratch using Thinkific’s drag and drop course builder. And there already are built-in SSL certificates that you can use for the site.

If you’re planning to create an online course in a different language, you can also set your website language to that language through the settings tab.

Cloud hosting on Thinkific is secure as well. You can rest assured that any material you upload will be saved without hassle.

And once you’re done creating your online course, you can easily market it through Thinkific’s e-commerce features.

You can even give out upsell offers to potential users and students.

What we particularly love about Thinkific is that for every course you sell, you’ll instantly be able to access your revenue.

There isn’t any strict payout schedule, which is usually common with other online course platforms.

Course instructors also have the option to set push notifications for their students.

You’ll be able to give out reminders regarding the required readings and other work needed for the modules.

Students will also find a lot to love since all plans allow them to join discussion forums.

They can ask questions and discuss different topics with other students and course instructors.

Finally, should you encounter a problem, you can access email and phone support on all the plans.

Thinkific Free Plan

Thinkific Free

What we love about the free plan is that it never expires.

Unlike other online course platforms that only offer their free trial for a set number of days, Thinkific’s free plan offers lifetime use without hidden charges.

This plan is a great choice for those who are just starting out, like first-time creators and instructors.

Since it’s a free plan, you won’t have to worry about extra costs or expenses.

What’s unique about this free trial plan is that with it, you can create and customize 3 courses.

You can also upload supplemental materials and quizzes along with them.

This Thinkific free plan also allows you to enroll unlimited students in your course.

The signup process can be automated to speed up enrollment and you can eventually access each student’s progress on the site.

You can have 1 authorized site administrator with the Free Plan. As a site administrator, you’ll get to create multiple instructor profiles, access conversion rates of your online lessons, and go through your students’ data anytime you want.

We also like that you can give out surveys to your students with the Free Plan. That way, they can suggest how you can improve your teaching style and course content.

Lastly, this Thinkific plan allows you to optimize your content for SEO or search engine optimization. That way, your courses will be easier to find online.

Thinkific Basic – $49 per month

Thinkific Basic

The most affordable Thinkific pricing plan is Thinkific Basic. It costs $49 per month but when paid annually, it’ll only cost $39 per month.

The Thinkific basic plan lets you receive the same features that you’d get with the free pricing plan, but with added benefits.

For example, you can create an unlimited number of courses and enroll unlimited students.

Course creation features also include the option to drip your content. This means that you can set specific intervals for when to release new modules and lessons to your students.

With this plan, you can even send your students coupons to entice them to stay subscribed to your modules.

For example, you can offer them a special discount when they renew their subscription.

We also like that you can access overall analytics with this plan.

You’ll get to check the conversion rates of your courses and digital products. Things like click rates can help determine what type of layout or callout works best when marketing your courses.

With this Thinkific pricing plan, another type of analytics that you can check is affiliate reporting.

You’ll be able to see the progress of your affiliates, as well as any revenue that they bring in.

Third-party applications like Aweber, MailChimp, and Zapier can also be integrated into your site when you’re subscribed to this Thinkific pricing plan.

Lastly, this pricing plan allows you to use a custom domain for your website. You can forego the Thinkific domain when choosing a URL. This will make your branding much stronger.

This Thinkific pricing plan gives you core features, along with:

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Email marketing options 
  • Drip content tools
  • Affiliate reporting and marketing
  • Custom domain creation
  • Third-party application integrations 
  • Manual student enrollment & exports 

Thinkific Pro – $99 per month

Thinkific Pro

The middle tier Thinkific pricing plan is the pro plan. It costs $99 every month but when paid annually, it’ll only cost $79 per month.

When subscribed to this Thinkific pricing plan, you’ll access the same features that the Free and Basic plans offer. The twist is that it also has extra benefits.

A Pro subscription plan gives you features such as 2 authorized site administrators, as well as 5 course admin accounts.

You can even create hidden courses for specific students.

As for site design, this pricing plan lets you do HTML and CSS editing. Thinkific offers the option to enhance the look of your website to specifically match your own branding. It helps you get started with marketing your brand.

Course instructors can also offer membership bundles to their students. They can group different courses and coupons together.

Advanced quiz options and assessment features are also part of this pricing plan. You can easily personalize the quizzes that you give your learners.

This Thinkific pricing plan gives you core features, along with:

  • Unlimited courses & students
  • 2 Site admin accounts
  • 5 Course admins/authors
  • Private and hidden courses
  • Advanced course pricing options 
  • Memberships and bundles 
  • Certificates
  • Advanced Customization 
  • Priority Support
  • Assignments
  • Communities 
  • Live Lessons with Zoom

Growth Package Plan

Thinkific Growth

Something interesting with this plan is that you can avail of an add-on called the Growth package plan.

You’ll still be subscribed to the Pro plan but you’ll get to enroll more than 100 subscribers to your course.

The Growth Package plan also allows you to send bulk emails, integrate large-scale third-party email tools, and group your users together.

The advanced email features will help you communicate and reach out to subscribers better.

This package plan is perfect if you already have a large pool of students. Just note though that this will cost you an extra fee of $99 per month.

Thinkific Premier – $499 per month

Thinkific Premier

The priciest plan is called the Premier plan. It costs $499 every month but when paid annually, it’ll only cost $399 per month.

The higher cost of this plan is because it can accommodate bigger companies with many students and members. It’s perfect for large-scale businesses.

You’ll get to access all the same features that the former three plans offer but in a larger capacity and scope. Course creators will enjoy the more advanced tools of this plan.

When subscribed to this plan, you can authorize 5 site administrators and up to 50 course admin accounts.

Something called a Single Sign-On (SSO) also comes with this plan. This is convenient because it means that all administrators and members of your site can use the same sign-in details.

Those who need more guidance or just want to ask more specific questions can also take advantage of the onboarding package that comes with this plan.

You’ll get a 30-minute onboarding call, launch preparedness review, and online training guide.

Plus, if the Growth package is something that interested you, you can access it with this plan as well. It’ll even come at a discounted price.

This Thinkific pricing plan gives you core, basic, and pro features, along with:

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • 5 Site admin accounts 
  • 15 Group Analysts 
  • 50 Course admins/authors 
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Onboarding package 
  • Option to avail the Growth Package 

FAQs on Thinkific Pricing

Online Course Platforms_FAQS

Now that you know more about each pricing plan, it’s time for us to answer frequently asked questions. Keep reading for answers below.

Does Thinkific charge extra fees?

No, Thinkific doesn’t charge extra transaction fees. Each pricing plan has a set price and doesn’t charge you for anything else.

But you have to note though that if you choose to use third-party payment processors, like Stripe or PayPal, there will be a fee from them.

You’ll have to pay a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for every transaction you make on the site.

Does Thinkific have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Thinkific offers a money-back guarantee. This means that you can contact the support team if you encounter an issue.

You’ll then be able to get a full refund within 30 days of your last payment.

To add to this, you can also opt to cancel your subscription anytime you want.

And even when you’ve canceled the subscription, you’ll still be able to access it until the 30-day window is over.

Does Thinkific have course and content limits?

Thinkific’s course and content limits vary, depending on what plan you avail of.

The Free Plan lets you have a maximum of 3 courses.

The rest of the paid plans allow you to create with no limit. You can also enroll an unlimited number of students, no matter which plan you have.

As for content, whatever plan you get doesn’t have a limit on how many videos or files you upload to your site.

You can enrich your course with plenty of different file types as well. You can upload video files, audio files, and other image types.

Who is considered an active student?

If a student is enrolled in at least one of your online courses, he/she is classified as an active student.

It essentially means that they are actively enrolled in your course and are paying for the subscription.

You can access the number of active students that you have when you’re subscribed to the Growth Package that comes with the Pro plan and Premier plan.

Is a credit card required to sign up?

No, a credit card is not required to sign up for a plan or a course. Though it’s common for other online course platforms to ask for your credit card details before letting you access core features, Thinkific doesn’t.

Upon sign-up, you can immediately access Thinkific’s features without divulging payment details or paying an initial transaction fee.

The only time that you’ll need a credit card or debit card is when you decide to subscribe to one of the paid plans. This is since Thinkific only accepts card and online payments.

What is the price range for the courses I can sell?

Once you’re done creating your course, you can get started on selling it. The usual price range of courses being sold on Thinkific is between $50 to $199+.

Generally, Thinkific doesn’t recommend that you sell your course at a price below $50.

If you want good revenue and return, you should set it at around $150 to $199, depending on the complexity of your course.

Can I use Thinkific on mobile?

Yes, you can use Thinkific on your mobile phone, as well as on your tablet. Thinkific is incredibly mobile responsive for easier access.

This means that your students won’t even need to own a laptop or desktop computer to access the lessons. They can study from basically anywhere that they find convenient.

That being said, Thinkific doesn’t have a mobile application though. You’ll have to access it solely via browser.

Final Verdict – Is Thinkific Worth a Subscription?

Final Verdict

What we love the most about Thinkific is that it’s easy to use and navigate.

You get to create a full-functioning website and online course with just a few clicks. You just have to use the drag and drop editor to choose from the pre-made layouts and templates on the site.

Other features that we love are the sales features that help you market your lessons to different users and students.

Making extra revenue could not get any easier than when you’re subscribed to a Thinkific plan.

As for the pricing, the best thing is that the free plan stays free forever. You’ll get to access core features without any expiration date.

This is obviously great news if you’re on a tight budget or are just starting out.

The other three paid pricing plans are also worth their prices. Each plan offers great benefits that are appropriately catered to your budget and needs.

Perhaps the only thing you should watch out for is the transaction fee that third-party payment processors will ask for.

When making a transaction using Stripe or PayPal, there will be a 2.9% + 30 cents fee that they’ll ask for.

But nonetheless, whatever plan you avail of, there are no hidden charges. Thinkific won’t charge you for anything else.


Therefore, our final verdict is a big yes. We highly recommend Thinkific as an online course platform. Especially if we’re basing it on each pricing plan, the features that you’ll get are worth the price.


  • The free plan doesn’t expire
  • Four different price plans, depending on your budget and needs
  • No hidden transaction fees


  • When using a third-party processor (like PayPal and Stripe), there’s a 2.9% + 30 cents fee

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